Upgrade to an Overhead Garage Door!


The garage door is one of the most important features of a home. They protect your car from the elements, last for decades, and leave an indelible impression on onlookers. It is not something that many homeowners give a lot of thought to, though, and most may be unaware that they can increase the functionality of their garage doors by upgrading them. If you are planning on renovating your home in the near future, you should think about investing in a new overhead garage door for your home. Let us walk you through the many reasons why.


Highest quality insulation

You can save money on air conditioning costs by insulating your garage door. The R-value of your garage door insulation affects how well it can prevent heat transmission, which helps control temperature and lower energy expenses. The more efficient the insulation is, the greater the R-value. While garage door insulation is a simple DIY job, getting a garage door that is already insulated is a better option. Polyurethane insulation, which has twice the R-value of typical types of insulation, may now be used to insulate virtually any garage door material.


Convenient remote access 

Upgrading to a new garage door gives you the utmost convenience. Smart garage door openers that connect directly to the internet are standard on the most recent overhead garage doors. You can connect your garage door opener to your phone, allowing you to open it directly from your phone. With nothing more than a simple software upgrade, you can link your opener to your computer network. This allows you to enter and exit the garage with ease and speed and monitor and control both the door and your entire house from a single device as well. 


Enhanced security

Most homeowners prioritize security, and today's garage door openers are designed with this in mind. Because older garage doors use a fixed 4-digit code for all doors, any clever burglar could crack the encryption in minutes. Modern overhead garage door openers, on the other hand, use rolling-code technology to encrypt each passcode and keep them safe and secure. This means that the passcodes change every time you use the remote or type a code into the keypad, making it very difficult for would-be hackers to crack them.


Right steel gauge measurement

The most significant feature of a steel garage door is its strength. Steel garage doors are available in a variety of gauges, ranging from 24 to 26 gauge. The number after the gauge refers to the amount of carbon utilized in the steel production, so the lower the gauge number, the stronger the steel. A 24-gauge door is an excellent investment if you need an extra layer of security from burglars or protection from weather-induced damage.


Improved aesthetics

Your home's exterior appeal will undoubtedly improve with installing a new garage door. Garage doors are now available in a wide range of high-quality, customizable colors and finishes to enable homeowners to improve their curb appeal. No matter how your home looks or what your preferences are, you will be able to find a design that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetic.


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