Why a Garage Door Opener with a Back-Up Battery is Important!

Countless garage door openers experience power outages each year. Whether you currently have one or are thinking about acquiring one, consider upgrading to a garage door opener with a backup battery. The backup battery is meant to protect the garage door opener in the event of a power outage while also allowing you to use the door without interruption. In this post, we will look at the reasons why this added feature is worth the extra cost.


Lifesaver during power outages

If you live in an area where tornadoes, thunderstorms, or power outages are common, garage door openers with a backup battery are vital. A power outage may force you to rely on the emergency release cord to manually operate your garage door during a storm or if the power goes out. Engaging the emergency release cord, however, is a bit tricky, and opening the garage door by hand requires physical strength that you or a family member may not have. In emergency cases, a battery backup device might be a lifesaver.


Long usable lifetime

Backup batteries are generally durable, and with proper care and usage, can last approximately three years without needing replacement. Once installed, they have no parts to maintain or replace. The garage door opener's cable charges the battery backup, which stores sufficient energy to run your garage door for 24 hours and operate it up to 20 full cycles. When depleted, they recharge in 4 ½ hours. As the backup battery starts to wear down, a beeping sound or a blinking light will indicate that it is time to replace it. 


Safe and simple operation

A backup battery automatically kicks in when the power in your garage goes out. There is no need to connect it to external power sources or to manually disengage the door. Just push the button on the remote control, door control, or keyless entry system keypad as you usually would, and the backup battery will instantly activate. This is a perfect alternative to the manual override feature for those who are unable to operate the garage door manually, such as children, the elderly, and the disabled. 


Optional add-on backup battery

Newer garage door openers frequently come with a backup battery already installed. If your garage door opener does not have a backup battery, there is no need to worry, as you can purchase one as an add-on. If your garage door opener was manufactured in or after 2000, it most likely features a battery backup option. A backup battery can be added without having to replace the opener, and it can be easily installed by people who have little or no prior experience.


Backup batteries are replaceable

A garage door opener backup battery will typically last two to three years before it gets worn and requires replacement. Replacing the battery is simple and straightforward to do on your own. Simply turn off the power, connect the wires to the new battery, and then turn the power back on. The LED indication should glow green after you have installed the fresh battery. This indicates that the battery is being charged. The new battery takes about 24 hours to recharge fully, and the LED indicator will remain solid green when it is finished charging.

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