Medicinal benefits of DIM supplements that you would like to know

DIM or diindolylmethane is a dimer of indole-3-carbine a kind of phytochemical that is found in vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage. There are many health benefits provided by the DIM supplement that are discussed in this article.


Effect on the immune system


DIM affects the immune system through its action of killing the bacteria and viruses like microorganisms. According to a study, it has been found that the diindolylmethane supplement has the potential to increase the number of white blood cells or lymphocytes (who play a major role in the immune function) that help the body in fighting infections through the killing or engulfment of the pathogens.


It increases the upliftment of different types of enzymes. These enzymes help in the prevention of many toxins and disease-causing compounds. Through the aid of the DIM, the immune system is better equipped and helps in keeping better health conditions free of toxic chemicals.


According to experts who conducted several kinds of experiments, the DIM supplement was found to induce higher levels of ROS or the reactive oxygen species that are required by the macrophages in the killing of the bacteria and other tumor cells. DIM supplements have been found to increase the number of cytokines and lymphocytes.


Helps in the prevention of chronic diseases


Diindolylmethane supplements have been found to grow healthy cells that can help in improving immunity. According to a study it has been noted that DIM supplements can lower the growth of the cells through the stimulation of a procedure that causes the death of the cells that are affected.


In vitro experiments have shown that it has been effective in dealing with chronic diseases that can hamper the health condition of people. In fact, it is also noted that the DIM can actually stop cell growth. In prostate-related diseases, diindolylmethane supplements have been found to decrease the levels of the PSA or the prostate-specific antigen.


DIM supplements have also been found to help in the issues of the colon by not only acting upon the bacterias and viruses of the gut but inhibiting a particular pathway and through the activation of the "hippo signaling". It has also been shown to exhibit "synergistic activity" with the "capsaicin" in "colorectal disease".


Hormonal help


supplement DIM diindolylmethane have been found to normalize the levels of the hormones particularly and such as estrogen. Too much estrogen in females can lead to hormonal imbalances which is why it is important the counter it.


According to one experiment, a woman with issues in the breast was fed estrogen for consecutively thirty days and was found to show good results. Lowering the levels of estrogen also helps in the reduction of the disease lupus. Good estrogen metabolites have the ability to cause “programmed cell death.”
An increase in the good estrogen metabolites ultimately removes the bad estrogen metabolites consequently. The good estrogen metabolites compete with the testosterone in the binding of the protein thereby increasing the level of free testosterone level. The more active testosterone is the free testosterone. A quality of good estrogen and free testosterone helps in the mobilization of the fat as well as the burning of the fat.