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The recent developments confirmed that the CDS would replace the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system. The CHIEF system will cease to be in effect from 31 March 2023. That will undoubtedly be a drastic change indicating a significant and thorough transformation to point out. Taking these things into consideration, we at Austrian have already geared up to provide you with online customs declaration services, making your tasks easier and convenient.


Saving your time and helping you ease all your burdens


It is worth noting that Do It Yourself Customs Declarations is mandatory and required to be submitted at the port of export if you are an exporter. It is of immense importance as it provides you with thorough yet specific information about the goods shipped. It highlights multiple factors, including the most typical elements such as type, number, and value et al. To ease your burden, we provide you with hassle-free online export declaration solutions. It proves vital by saving your time and physical presence in the whole process.


Simplifying your tasks: We have our tasks cut out to facilitate you with the simplified yet ensuring speedier customs clearance to ensure you enjoy peace of mind. We also assure the most effective Customs simplified procedures that we make available for both imports and exports. The simplified declaration procedures and the local clearance procedure are now known as Entry in the Declarant's Records. They remain the most effective as principal procedures that need to follow. We help you get the required authorization from revenue to operating the procedures. 




We won't let you fret: Customs Freight Simplified Procedure (CFSP) speeds up goods' information. Indeed, CFSP customs declaration is a unique procedure as an electronic declaration. Through timely CFSP customs declaration, we help you send the consignment details via a supplementary declaration sent to HMRC. Authorized by HMRC, we always assist you in several ways related to CFSP. Though most imported goods are eligible for CFSP, some get excluded. These include the following: 


  • ATA carnet goods; 
  • Goods removed from a customs warehouse and tried export; 
  • Personal effects. 


We make your export journey truly smoother:


There are no two opinions about it that exporting can transform your business. Still, for shipping your goods in the UK, Ireland, or other regions of the EU, you need to submit an export declaration. Austrian comes to your aid with export customs declaration service to make your export journey a hassle-free and pleasant experience.