How to use Putty Terminal Emulator on a Cisco Router or Switch?

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It is an open-source SSH and Telnet client that was originally developed putty for Windows before being ported to macOS. The client enables users to connect to a computer remotely and securely transfer files.


Although Putty is not supported on all sorts of routers, it does have support for Cisco routers and switches.
The major advantage of Putty is that it has a lot of features including the ability to do basic functions like copy/paste.

A terminal emulator is a program that offers a terminal-based interface to communicate with another computer. A good example of this is the PuTTY Terminal Emulator program.

Putty Terminal Emulator is an open-source, cross-platform tool that can be used to emulate a terminal on another computer. It provides the user with full control over a device’s console and supports extensions such as XTERM and TN3270 for different types of sessions.



Putty provides the following benefits:

 Terminal emulation: Putty can emulate character terminal types in different operating systems, such as VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, and xterm. This feature is mainly useful for users who are accustomed to using a specific terminal type from their previous work with various hosts.

Secure Shell (SSH) capability: The most important feature of Putty is its ability to connect securely over SSH. It will remind you if your connection becomes unencrypted at any time during your session to advise you on how to solve this issue. 

Following are the prerequisites for configuring a router or switch using HyperTerminal.

1)A Cisco router or Switch.

A Cisco router connects exceptional networks collectively while a transfer connects a couple of gadgets collectively to create a network. 2. Routers paintings at the Physical layer; Data hyperlink layer and the Network layer while Switches, in addition to superior switches, paintings at the Data hyperlink layer and the Network layer too.



2)A PC with the serial port on it.

A serial port is an interface that lets a PC transmit or obtain information one bit at a time. It is one of the oldest forms of interfaces and at one time changed into normally used to attach printers and outside modems to a PC.

3)A console cable for connecting the router to the PC.

Some router console ports join at once to the RJ-forty five connector at the rollover cable, wherein case you won’t want an adapter. However, a few routers use a nine-pin or 25-pin console connection. In this situation, you’ll want both an RJ-forty five to DB-nine or RJ-forty five to a DB-25 adapter. The RJ-forty five cable connector plugs into the adapter and the adapter plugs into the router’s console port. Check the router’s guide or online assist documentation to make certain you supply the best adapter.

4)HyperTerminal software, is available by default in Windows XP operating system.

HyperTerminal also can permit IT to take serial-port to manipulate outside gadgets or structures including medical instruments, robots, or radio communications stations. IT specialists also can use Hyper Terminal to troubleshoot any troubles while putting in place the usage of a modem.


5)Proper cables must be taken during the selection of cable depending on the availability of ports.

Cable choice is an elaborate system due to the fact the cables aren't all well suited to the ports. In order to resolve this problem, Putty Software is a utility that may emulate one-of-a-kind cable kinds and their respective ports.

6)In the absence of a Serial port one can make use of a USB port present on the system.

In computing, a serial port is a serial verbal exchange interface that records transfers in or out sequentially one bit at a time. This is an assessment of a parallel port, which communicates more than one bit concurrently in parallel. Throughout maximum of the records of private computer systems, records have been transferred thru serial ports to gadgets along with modems, terminals, and numerous peripherals, and without delay among computer systems.

Server computer systems can also additionally use a serial port as a managed console for diagnostics, at the same time as networking hardware (along with routers and switches) generally use serial console ports for configuration, diagnostics, and emergency renovation access. To interface with those and different gadgets, USB-to-serial converters can speedy and without difficulty upload a serial port to a contemporary-day PC.

Connecting router or switch to computer:

1)Connect one of the ends of the console cable to the console port of the router.

2)Connect other ends of the cable to a serial port of the Computer.


3)In absence of a serial port use RJ-45 to the USB console port and connect to the USB port available on Computer.

Configuring Cisco router or switch:

1. Make the necessary configurations that are needed.

Configuration control is an essential device for dealing with complicated software program systems. Lack of configuration control can purpose severe issues with reliability, uptime, and the capacity to scale a system. Much present-day software program improvement equipment has configuration control functions built-in.


2. The software is very small and no need to follow any installation steps.

The setup refers back to the specific configuration of software programs or hardware in an effort to make it usable with the laptop. A gentle or virtual replica of the piece of software program (program) is wanted to put in it. There are unique strategies for putting in a chunk of software programs. Installation (or setup) of a laptop program, is the act of creating this system geared up for execution.  Installation usually includes code being copied/generated from the setup documents to new documents at the neighborhood laptop for less difficulty get entry to with the aid of using the working system.

3. A window pops up.


A window that abruptly seems whilst you pick out an alternative with a mouse or press a unique feature key. Usually, the pop-up window includes a menu of instructions and remains on the display screen most effective till you pick out one of the instructions. It then disappears.

A unique form of the pop-up window is a pull-down menu, which seems simply under the object you chose as in case you had pulled it down.

4. Once downloaded, Double click on the putty.exe file.

1)Step 1: Download the Installer. Download the modern-day PuTTY model from the respectable website: ...
2)Step 2: Configuration and Installation. Double-click on the downloaded MSI report to begin the set up. ...
3)Step 3: Run Putty. Run PuTTY after the setup to ensure its capabilities properly.

5. Click open

Something it truly is open permits you to transport or see via it, like an open window or an open gate. The adjective open describes something it truly is now no longer closed or blocked up, like open curtains that offer a view of the lawn outside.

6. Select the connection type as serial

In computing, a serial port is a serial communique interface via which records transfers in or out sequentially one bit at a time. This is in the evaluation of a parallel port, which communicates a couple of bits concurrently parallel.

7. Enter the appropriate Port number and set the baud rate to 9600.

The baud fee is the fee at which facts are transferred in a conversation channel. In the serial port context, the "9600 baud" manner that the serial port is able to move most of the 9600 bits in line with the second. If the facts unit is one baud (one bit), then the bit fee and the baud fee are identical.

8. Download Putty software. It is freely available.

A free, open-supply terminal application, PuTTY is effortlessly customizable and fairly configurable. Apart from the fundamental serial terminal communications, SSH, telnet, and login, it may additionally provoke steady document transfers through SCP and SFTP.


9. Putty provides you with a new window providing access to the command line interface of the router or switch connected.

Putty other than offering a serial console connection to a router additionally presents far-off login classes with the assistance of protocols like Telnet, SSH, etc. As putty is open supply many variations like Puttytel, PSCP, and plenty of extra variations are available. Putty additionally allows one to save logs that can be generated at the same time as the usage of putty software.


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