Doorstep Car Service


If you are searching for a doorstep car servicing in Rohini then you are at the right place. Doorstepcarservicing.in provides you with the best car servicing at your own parking space without giving you any discomfort. Our car servicing company provides you with the most affordable services with all payment supports. Our services include:-


1). Engine Diagnostic - We ensure the wonderful condition of your vehicle so that the journey can be most comfortable for you. 


2). Air Conditioning- Our expert technicians use high-quality Chemicals to service AC. First of all the experts inspect the AC hoses to check for any potential leakage and breakdowns. All major and minor issues related to electricity, fan, coolant, and compressor are checked and fixed immediately. 


3). Belts and Hoses- Your vehicle’s belts and hoses are involved in processes within the cooling system, air conditioning system, charging system, and engine


4). Lube, Oil & Filters- Oil change at 10,000 km, we recommend at around 7000-8000 kilometers as the During Red light, Traffic Jam and when we are waiting for someone the Engine is on, such factors lead to continuous piston movement which does not show in the Reading.


5). Battery Change at Your Doorstep- Generally, Battery is changed after a longer period however driving habits and frequent traveling to different terrains with varied climates can lead to wear and tear of the battery. 


6). Brake Repairing- Auto brake repair is the repair or replacement of auto brake parts, which may include the brake pads, rotors, or calipers. Every vehicle regardless of whether it is a new vehicle, an old pickup truck, or a semi needs quality brakes that can be trusted while driving. 


Get your car service with doorstep and take advantage of our great discounts and offers. WhatsApp us now at 7217607217

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