Services offered by GreenTree Electronics


GreenTree Electronics LTD. is a leading independent distributor of electronic components and provides Authentication and Testing of electronic components and value-added services. GreenTree has a Service License Agreement with White Horse Laboratories for testing and authentication electronic components.


  1. Quality Inspection:This service includes - Microscopy Inspection, Electrical Measurement, Marking Permanency, Dimensions Measurement, Compliance to Order and Datasheet, Storing and packaging.


  1. Testing and Authentication:GreenTree Electronics offers a firm-form warranty to customers by testing and authenticating electronic components in a test laboratory.  Testing- Documentation and Packaging Inspection (DPI), Microscope External Visual Inspection (EVI), Remarking and Resurfacing Tests (MPT and RTS), X-ray Florescence (XRF) Material Analysis, X-ray Analysis, Solderability Testing, Heated Chemical Testing (HCT), Decapsulation and Die Analysis, Comprehensive and Electrical Testing, Functional Testing.


  1. Obsolete Electronics Components:GreenTree Electronics provide authenticated, reliable, and genuine obsolete electronic components with complete authentication and traceability tests according to customer requirement.


  1. Excess Inventory:GreenTree Electronics offers inventory management programs to fulfill specific requirements. They suggest professional management of obsolete and excess components to improve the supply chain process.


  1. Engineering consult:GreenTree Electronics offers free engineering consult to help customers choose the most suitable programmable device by taking under consideration the Cost, I/O’s, Power consumption, integrated blocks, Footprint, Speed, and operational temperature grade.