list of ideas that would improve kdice in 2023


- 1v1 tables
- ELO system implementation
- more detailed stats, sorting ppg by table, win % by number of players
- more detailed tourney statistics, win % etc
- new UI
- fixing common errors - apache error, the need to be scrolled up, jpg pixelation in avatars, randomly getting logged out(?)
- ready up feature
- decreased waiting time for 100 tables 
- team games
- password protected competitive tables (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 tables outside of the monthly competition)
- hand-picked maps for 5ks and comp tables
- re-balancing member tourneys impact on monthly competitions
- new mods
- username changes
- bookmarking games
- tables without flagging
- reducing the cap to play 0 tables or implementing a dynamic cap based on the players online.
- showing in monthly details  points from tourneys, points from games
- flagging to a specific player
- choosing what trophies to showcase and in general more profile customization
- elimination table for 100/500
- development of a kdice engine/solver


some of this is more urgent and doable than other stuff - and i might need to elaborate further on some of these ideas.

also i've created a kdice discord in case you have the time and interest to discuss some of this.