Understanding the Different Types of Garage Door Openers!

Sorting through the different brands and types of openers on the market can be difficult. This post will explain the distinctions between each of them. We hope that by learning about the different drive types and their good and bad points, you will be able to narrow down your search to a model that meets your specific requirements.



They function similarly to a bicycle. An industrial chain that runs along a trolley is connected to a motor that moves the door up and down by pulling a trolley attached to a J-bar.



Chain drive openers are frequently the least expensive. They are also long-lasting, which means you will save money on garage door opener replacement over time. 



The noise level is the major disadvantage with chain drive openers. The metal-on-metal friction produces loud noises that reverberate throughout the garage. This might be inconsequential if you have a detached garage. If your garage is connected to your house, though, the noises can easily flow inside the house and be somewhat distracting.



Belt-driven garage door openers work similarly to chain-driven openers, but instead of a metal chain, they use a steel-reinforced, fiberglass, or polyurethane belt to move the door. 



The main benefit of belt-driven garage door openers is that they are quieter. They are perfect if your garage is situated under a living space. Without as many metal parts involved in the operation, there is also a significant reduction in vibration as well as maintenance costs. 



Belt-driven openers are often more expensive than the chain-driven type. Be prepared to pay between $30 and $100 more on garage door opener installation if you go for this type.



A steel rod is used to operate screw-drive garage door openers. Instead of pulling the door up, a threaded rod rotates like a screw to move the trolley, raising or lowering the door on its tracks.



Screw drive openers have fewer moving parts than chain and belt-driven openers, which means they are more consistent in operation and less likely to require garage door opener repair. Wear on the screw threads is a problem with screw drive openers, which can be avoided with sufficient lubrication.



The massive weight of a door can exert additional strain on the screw threads of these openers, so the biggest drawback is they wear out faster when used with heavy doors. A screw drive opener may not be the ideal solution for heavy, vintage doors.



Instead of on the ceiling, the opener is mounted to the wall beside the door and opens the garage using a system of pulleys and cables, saving you vertical space.



Increased security is one of the most significant advantages of jackshaft openers. Many models come with a deadbolt that activates when the door is closed, and the manual release is not suspended from the ceiling. These features make it extremely difficult for intruders to enter your home through the garage.



They are expensive because of the onboard computerization. They are also not ideal for single-panel doors. They can only be used on sectional doors due to the way the cable mechanism operates.


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