AQUALUTIO 15 Stage Shower Filter With Vitamin C - High Output Revitalizing Shower Head - Purifier Ba


15-STAGE FILTER FOR EXCELLENT PURIFICATION: Featuring a unique, proprietary, multi-stage water filtration system, our purifying shower head uses a proven, unique blend of KDF 55, calcium sulfite and activated carbon that works equally well in hot or cold water to perfectly purify it and neutralize unpleasant odors. At the same time, it prevents scale growth in your tub making it the perfect solution for every home.
SAVE YOUR HAIR, NAILS & SKIN FROM HARD WATER: Remove water impurities and soften hard water for a cleaner, healthier shower every single day. This high outcome water purifier showerhead filtration system has been expertly designed with a skin-loving synthesis to care for your nails, hair and skin. Softer, stronger, shinier body from head to toe made possible!
ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN C TO REVITALIZE YOUR BODY: Great for those with sensitive skin, our universal shower filter reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff, eczema flare ups, and dramatically improves the look and feel of hair and nails. A must-have addition to any household with kids and pets, for a healthy, revitalizing and enjoyable shower every single time!
VALUE PACK — INCLUDES EXTRA CARTRIDGE: This shower head water filter comes with EXTRA cartridge that are sure to last for a long time. The ultimate money saving choice (as little as .09 cents/day, as each cartridge lasts for up to six months), this shower head can be installed only in your bathroom if adding a filtration system to the entire house is not an option for you.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY — HASSLE FREE-INSTALLATION: Regardless of your skill level, our easy DIY universal faucet connections work with all shower types, including fixed, rain and handheld shower wands. And the best part? No tools required! Sleek and discreet, it can be used in any bathroom without messing up with your décor.
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