How to send SOL tokens from Phantom Wallet to Binance?

Phantom Wallet, the popular crypto wallet lets you trade SOL tokens on the Solana platform. You can set up a new Phantom account with the help of its mobile app or browser extension. The wallet account gives you the power to deposit and withdraw tokens most conveniently. You can also use your Phantom account to transfer the SOL tokens to Binance. Yes, you heard it right, this is an easy and quick process and you can also do so with the help of the clear steps that we are going to mention below in this post.

But before that, affirm to access the Phantom account using a mobile or computer. In case you are not logged in to your wallet account then ensure that you have the password or mnemonic details to recover the account. Now, ensure that you are using an updated version of the Phantom mobile app or browser and move ahead to start learning about how to transfer tokens from Phantom Wallet to Binance.

Way to send SOL tokens from Phantom Wallet to Binance

Make sure that you have Binance account username and password details as you may be asked to log in to your account to complete this process. When asked, provide the wallet address details of your Binance account to transfer the tokens. Now, approach the steps that are given below to transfer tokens from Phantom to Binance:

  1. Open the Binance mobile app and log in to your account
  2. Now, from the homepage, find and click the ‘Deposit’ button
  3. On this page, look for the Binance address and copy this address
  4. Now, open the Phantom Wallet app or browser extension
  5. If required, provide the password details to access your wallet
  6. Now, head to the assets section and click on it
  7. Now, you need to paste the Binance address
  8. Click the ‘Next’ button and then choose the ‘Send’ option


In short, Phantom allows you to send funds to Binance and other crypto wallets. But to do that, you must have the wallet address. If you are not sure about the procedure to send crypto tokens from Phantom to Binance then you can easily do so by going through the steps given above on this page. Make sure to use the updated version of the Phantom app to avoid issues. In case you do not have installed the Binance wallet app then you need to do so by visiting the App or Play Store on your device. Surely, you have learned the way to transfer tokens from Phantom to Binance.