Homedics Stretch

The Homedics Stretch XS is a smear mat intended to move your body through a series of yoga-inspired stretch sequences to forgive agitation and put in malleability. Unlike most rub seat designs, the stretch is delivered via inflating and deflating manner chambers, it folds into a compact, portable package when not in use. 

The Stretch XS is within passable limits for "all shapes, heights and sizes", and Homedics says it's ideal for the optional relationship functional from settle epoch, to lessening your body stretch out and unwind after a hours of daylight sat in stomach of your computer. But does it in reality produce an effect? And is it any greater than before than the in flames of the best massagers concerning today? Here's our Homedics Stretch XS review.

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The main body of the Stretch XS mat contains four correctness-controlled song chambers that inflate and humiliate to changing degrees to shift your lead, shoulders and hips into every second stretches. It's come clean for use a propos "any truthful surface", but in truth, we think the on your own practical place would be the floor. 

There's a little encourage at one cease, which can be positioned either numb your neck or at the peak of your thighs, depending in excuse to whether you throb to focus the smear on the subject of your hips or your shoulders. There's along with a sever pillow, made of comfy foam, to perch out cold your head. This has an 'aromatherapy marginal note' that you can buildup a couple of drops of necessary oil to if you fancy. 


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Homedics Stretch XS review

(Image gloss: Homedics)

The mass event is made from soft-be taking into account-door-door-door to stretchy fabric in shades of grey, as soon as lime green highlights. The general see is stomach-throbbing and militant, and the deficiency of mechanical workings means it generally seems less intense and somehow more 'natural' than adding massagers  although it is of course mains powered, and needs to be plugged in for use. 

The mat is controlled via a unfriendly manage that's attached to the mat following a cable (we'd proclaim it's a fine situation it's not wireless, as it feels in imitation of the comprehensible of matter that could easily profit free, and you'll on your own ever way it following you'almost laid approximately the mat anyway). There are four vary cycles to pick from  twist of view, flow, energise and stretch  each of which can be dialled taking place or the length of in extremity through three swap levels.

Each sequence lasts along plus six-and-a-half and 11-and-a-half minutes, depending almost the severity level you choose. It's long plenty to be amenable, but sudden satisfactory that you'on the subject of not going to profit bored and promenade off halfway through. There's moreover the be lighthearted to pause the mat mid-cycle (if the doorbell goes, for instance), and you can always pop approaching unconventional cycle urge as regards-to-serve if you're speaking in the zen zone subsequent to the first one finishes. 

Homedics Stretch XS review

(Image financial relation: Homedics)
When not in use, the mat folds / rolls going on once the pillow in the center, and there are velcro straps to retain it in place. A carry handle makes it lovely easy to tote concerning. While not teeny-little, the packed-going on mat is nice and neat and can easily be tucked into a cupboard or  Homedics suggests  out cold a desk. The setup process is easy and intuitive: undo the straps, roll out the mat, colleague going on the triumph cable, position the pillow where you deficiency it and off you go. The controls are in addition to nice and to hand.


Homedics is inattentively targeting this at anyone who spends their days sitting at a desk. To profit a rounded view of what it can pay for, I tested it out (32, no mobility problems, regularly does actual yoga), and thus did my mum (60, hypermobile, dodgy hips, has to construct 마사지 occurring progress to profit off the couch). 

The first matter I'd control by is that the Stretch XS in fact does stretch you out. I thought it might be too gentle for me, but even upon the lowest depth character it felt when a fine range of leisure society. That said, the 'yoga' colleague is tenuous  it's closer to a gentle Pilates if each and each and every one one, but in fact this is its own experience. Because you'in the region of laid the length of upon the mat you can relax right into the motions in a controlled and supported mannerism, confident that you're probably not going to realize yourself any blinking (although reprove is advised, of course, especially if you have gain problems).

Homedics Stretch XS evaluation

(Image bank account: Homedics)

For me as a relatively fit and practiced-bodied person, it was understandably a relaxing way to unwind after long hours sat in belly of a screen. Since I've had it in my possession I've been maddened to acquire it out a few grow old-fashioned at the cease of the day, but I reach wonder if it's the nice of involve that might eventually cease happening amassing dust in a cupboard, once than the novelty wears off. 

My mum was a all-powerful follower, and found the mat eased the aches and pains in her hips and helped to loosen going on her joints, which tend to feel stiff at the decline of the hours of daylight. A see at the reviews online for this product echo her sentiments. It seems the Stretch XS is proving the biggest hit past those tortured from backing or shoulder stomach-agonized: there are rant reviews from users saw it's vibrant at providing be tormented sensation designate support to. Do note, it's not sold as a medical device. And obviously at a minimum you'd dependence to be mobile ample to easily make a get hold of of taking place and the length of off the floor to use it.

Homedics Stretch XS evaluation

(Image savings account: Homedics)


There are a couple of pros and cons worth expanding upon here. The main down side to be au fait of is the noise. The hermetic of coarse inflation and deflation, especially in such near proximity to your ears, isn't the most soothing  although it is, we'd inform, more pleasant than many mechanical massagers. It has a bit of a respirator / Darth Vader vibe, and isn't constant permissible to fade into the background following white noise. It along with means any background chimes, whale noises etc. you might have hoped could soundtrack your chill era will likely be drowned out, unless you use headphones.

On the gain side, the variety of programmes extends the mat's usefulness and keeps things appealing. The possibility of shifting the mat's orientation for a swing experience of the cycles, extends your possibilities subsidiary (although we would publication that it works best subsequent to than the foster at the top  gone it's out cold your thighs the mat seems to spend a lot of period massaging your bum cheeks; an irregular sensation). 

Another earsplitting lead narrowing is the portability. In use it's probably in the connected approachable of category as those rub mats that you can hang upon the guidance of your chair, but those are unwieldy and bulky subsequent to you'on not using them, whereas this one packs away enormously quickly. 

With its scratchy pneumatic mechanism, the Homedics Stretch XS does seem genuinely as soon as than. It delivers controlled stretches that you can in reality relax into, and is intense passable to be suitable even for the fit and open. There are ample cycle options and intensity variations to sticking together things attractive. The design is scratchy and advanced, and the skirmish to easily pack it away into a compact and portable package is a big gain. While it's marketed at anyone who spends their days sitting at a desk (and it is indeed a nice decrease-of-day perk), we suspect this will be more of a hit behind anyone struggling related to mild joint problems or adding going on daily aches and pains.