What is a POS?

POS stands for point of sale.

It's that point in the business when a transaction is completed.

That means…

…when your customer makes a purchase, makes a payment for it, and receives a printed receipt, they complete a transaction at the point of sale.

A Point of Sale máy pos nha trang is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to do more than just complete a transaction.

It helps you manage all your business processes from one system, such as taking payments, tracking inventory, tracking revenue, and bookkeeping.

It gives you full control of your business and brings all your important data together in one place.
A máy pos Nha Trang helps you speed up your checkout process, and take faster payments.

It also helps you reduce paperwork and optimize administrative tasks like:

Calculating total transactions made in a business day

Keeping track of your finances

Logging off your employees' working hours

This gives you ample time to think about ways in which to grow your business.

You can also spend more time interacting with your customers to enhance their experience.

If you're planning to start a small business, a digital máy pos nha trang is a must-have for you.

Old school cash registers could only be used to accept cash payments and print a receipt. Even the price of every product had to be added manually by the cashier.

old POS system-close up of a vintage cash register
A modern POS system, however, is a sales solution.

It not only allows you to have flexibility in accepting different payment methods but also provides you with tools to simplify your workflow.

Easily manage a large inventory
Keeping track of your inventory is a very important step in running a successful business.

Running out of stock in the middle of a sale can result in an embarrassing situation with your customers.

It can also ruin your professional reputation and create a feeling of mistrust in your customers.

A good POS system can calculate your inventory stock in real-time, i.e. as you sell, and notify you when it's time to restock.

It also allows you to easily update your product catalog with pictures and product descriptions to speed up your checkout process.