Great Lakes Cruises - A Lake Michigan Cruise Vacation

Lake Michigan is the sixth largest lake in the world and the third largest of the Great Lakes. It separates Michigan from Wisconsin and has long been a trade route between the two states. Imagine touring the beautiful shoreline of this vast freshwater lake from the deck of a luxury Great Lakes cruise liner the size of a small yacht. There is a cruise package available that lets passengers do just that.

The cruise begins in Chicago, at the heavily chicago Sunset dinner cruise inhabited south end of Lake Michigan and then proceeds up the shore of Western Michigan making stops at Holland and Manistee. Then it is on to explore Mackinac Island and after that, the cruise liner heads for Wisconsin, with stops in Sturgeon Bay, Milwaukee and eventually back to Chicago.

Along the way this Lake Michigan cruise passes some of the most beautiful shoreline in the world, and the ports of call each offer something special too. Victorian Manistee, Holland with it's Dutch heritage and tulip farming, Mackinac Island filled with horse-drawn carriages. This Great Lakes cruise is generally available only in June and July, with trips beginning early in the month of June and ending early in the month of August. These two months are usually the warmest time of the year in Michigan and Wisconsin, and that means a truly beautiful trip. The shores will be green and the sunsets brilliant.

This is a 6-night luxury cruise, so it will fill a large portion of most vacations, and yet is shorter and therefore much less expensive than some of the longer Lakes cruises that run the entire length of the Great Lakes from Niagara Falls to Duluth. If your budget is a bit smaller, this luxury cruise might be right up your alley. Lakes cruises are often less expensive that ocean cruises and still provide you with plenty of fun, a fair amount of pampering and a good bit of luxury. This is one of a very few luxury cruises available on Lake Michigan and as Great Lakes cruises go, this one is mid-length, but still offers more of a luxury cruise experience than could generally be expected on one of the shorter day or weekend cruises.

William G. Oatiz is a lifelong resident of Michigan and an expert on Great Lakes cruises and vacations. Great Lakes cruises offer an opportunity unrivaled by any other other cruise tour. Sail the freshwater seas that lie between the U.S. and Canada. Enjoy a vacation unlike any other. For more information, please visit the blog at Great Lakes cruises