What Should You Know Before You Buy Natural Artisan Soaps?

Natural artisan soaps have risen in popularity in recent years, with consumers wanting to make more environmentally friendly choices while supporting small businesses. But, before looking at artisan soaps for sale for yourself, it is good to have an idea of what you are looking for. Check out our guide and the most frequently asked questions below.



What Are Natural Artisan Soaps?


Natural artisan soaps are soaps made without the chemicals, preservatives, surfactants, and parabens present in other kinds of soap. They are made from entirely natural ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil, meaning that they are not only better for your body but also better for the environment. This is because all the ingredients can be replaced and grown again and have a much lower carbon footprint. Natural artisan soaps make the perfect gift for anyone looking for that little bit of extra TLC.


Do Natural Soaps Have A Shorter Lifespan Than Other Alternatives?

If you have purchased artisan soaps for sale before, you may have noticed that it does not last as long as the soap sold in supermarkets. This is due to the fact that natural soaps are made from fresh, natural ingredients and do not have any kind of preservatives within them. They also do not contain any hardening agents, meaning that when the natural soap becomes wet, it may evaporate faster. To limit how quickly this happens, ensure that any excess water is removed after each use and follow the storage instructions that we have recommended below.

Due to the all-natural ingredients, you should keep your natural artisan soaps for a year at most before replacing them.

Has Your Soap The Natural PH Of Water?

While water sits at a natural PH level of around 7, the levels within a soap are lower. This is because natural soaps are alkaline. This is entirely normal and still gentle on the surface of the body.


How Should I Store My Natural Artisan Soaps?

When you receive your soap, it is important to try and keep the product as dry as possible until you are planning to use it. Try and store in a cupboard or any area that is both cool and dark to maintain the shapes, size and scent. Once you have used the soap, try and get rid of all the excess water on it and put it back into this dry, safe place. This is so that the soaps do not wear down while not in use. If the soap that you have selected is larger, you may not wish to get it wet all at once. Instead, try and cut the soap when you first get it, only using one section at a time. This will ensure that the soap does not evaporate at a faster pace than it should.


 Now that you have a better understanding of natural soap, you can now search for artisan soaps for sale online until your heart is content. Try them out and see what all the fuss is about.