What is the Temp Mail

Where is Temporary E-mail Used?


Temporary e-mail service is one of the most needed services in daily life. A temporary e-mail service is required to view the content of a forum, to use a 7-day temp mail trial version of a program, to use an online service. Because most sites or apps that want to email you do so to send you ads, spam, or send you infected files that can damage your devices and steal your data. You do not want such mails to come to your personal and always used e-mail address.


10 Minute Mail


10 minute mail You can register to the forums using a temporary mailing address and subscribe to the newsletter lists required by the sites. You can use the 10 minute mail service when you want to ensure online privacy and register on sites that you think may violate personal data. You cannot send an e-mail to another address with the temporary e-mail address provided to you, but you can receive e-mail from all addresses. You can renew the duration of your e-mail address, which will self-destruct in 10 minutes, or save a backup and access it later.

File attachments are not allowed in the mail sent to you in the Temp mail service. Because downloading file attachments whose source is unknown may cause virus infection to your device. Some programs, such as Spotify, offer newly registered users the opportunity to use the premium version for free for some time. This period can be between 3 days and 30 days. You can use the free premium version many times by using temporary mail. Other than all these use cases and features, ephemeral email works similarly to other Temp mail regular email services like Gmail.


Can I Use Temp Mail to Sign Up for Social Media Sites?

You can also use temporary email when registering on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. However, it is better to register on social media sites with your e-mail address and phone number. Because known and reliable sites like 10 minuten mail these will not send you harassing or infected emails. In some cases, these sites may need to send you e-mails, if you use disposable e-mails, you will not be able to access the same address again, so you cannot see the e-mail sent to you and you may have problems logging into your account.

Source: https://10minutesemail.net/