Child Musicians – Tomorrow’s Music Heroes

Child Musicians – Tomorrow’s Music Heroes


The Bolts Child musicians

It isn’t unusual that on a Friday and Saturday night in many neighborhoods that you can hear music seeping through garage doors – Child musicians playing as garage bands as they are called. Certainly, it is no different for this group named “The Bolts”. You may see interested children peeping through fences or sitting along the curb listening to their friends, family, or neighbors as tomorrows music heroes practice.

Child musicians playing in garage bands have to be loud

Neighbors hear music but where? Above all, it always has to be loud.  As a result, some say that making sound with a guitar is nothing else…..Music to the ear.

One of the child musicians in the kid’s rock band “The Bolts” garage band said their music was hardcore metal rock, hardcore rock and roll, and AC/DC. That is to say, they played “good” songs. Therefore, going to Guitar Center is his favorite store and place to shop for new instruments and accessories.

These child musicians just want to play

Kacey Hayes, their bass guitar player, describes herself as a tomboy, so participation in this otherwise boy band was perfect for her. For example, her dreamer presence carries the band. She dreams of one day being the best garage band of rock and roll.

These young child musicians heroes, Kacey, James, Jack, Luke, and Johnny had no idea how much they were inspiring the listeners. On the other hand, they just wanted to play and play and play, with added laughter and songs. These child musicians love the energy and creativity they can share with all their friends, family, and neighbors.

The child musicians band’s dream

In conclusion, I wonder how many of the great singers, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, or musicians, Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne, first started in a garage band. It will be interesting to follow The Bolts to see what the future may bring these everyday heroes.