How 9/11Truthling spooker" -leaders have *direct links* to space satellite defense:

Archbishop Bob Bowman was formerly with General Dynamics, which is also building Directed Energy Weapon Devices; Alex "Scientology" Jones is broadcasting from a Lockheed/now PanAMSAT transponder http://ff.im/332nh; Jim Hoffman's family is directly linked with Neil "Raytheon Apollo Fakery" Armstrong....Neil received, among many other privatized Military- and Intelligence Contractors, pre 9/11-NSA - and NRO contracts for his company Veridian [General Dynamics acquired Veridian in 2003. Veridian has historical space defense ties with Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc.,  ...Calspan SRL/Houston Space, ERIM International ....

Richard Gage "worked" for Bechtel, which also runs Kwajalein Range Services, LLC, a Lockheed Martin-Bechtel space defense collaboration. Two more "Bechtel-Spooks" are at Gage's ae911-project: Michael Thomet and Christopher Wilder (Lawrence National Labs, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) .... ;

see also French Bed Fellows in Re-Arrangement: Lagardere SCA, 9/11 Profiteer Perp EADS and 9/11 Truth "Channel" VIVENDI
http://ff.im/bJfFK ; new 9/11 Truthling Parliament Hero Egon Frid -and how his main promoter tabloid, "Aftonbladet" [Schibsted] , is directly linked to Alenia Space http://ff.im/bgqV3 ; plus the THOR satellite-series owned by Telenor are using launch vehicles built by Khrunichev Space Center, which is yet another Thales Alenia link ;

more at http://nicohistory.webnode.com/ ; http://tinyurl.com/eurospaceoutsidejob [9/11EuroSpace Outside Job -plus australian ties]  ; TOP 70 Most Interesting 'Power Structure' Companies and Institutions [ewing2001 ; compiled August 2009]  http://ff.im/6Y1ZP ;

More perp ties of Richard Gage:  Recently he hooked up with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics http://ff.im/9IgmK, which is  in cohut with electronic space defense Industry incl. Boeing Company Integrated Defense, which produces Directed Energy Weapons. Among the AIAA-members are Orbital Space Imaging aka ORBIMAGE, with front man David W. Thompson who is also linked via TELUS to former canadian government veteran Elizabeth Woodworth. Woodworth is David Ray Griffin's Master Amazon Reviewer. Her department brokered contracts to Cascade Aerospace Inc., a defense partner of Rockwell Collins and TELUS, a former ally of Space Imaging http://ff.im/a10Au

How new Architect-9/11 'Truther Hero' Jan Utzon is linked to Interpol-investigated "Tvind"/Humana PtoP Cult