Why are QLED TVs a hit Among movie Buffs and Gamers?

Among the latest TV models which are currently trending, QLED TV deserves a special mention. Urged by the growing demand for these televisions, an increasing number of manufacturers have been coming up with QLED TVs. These models are packed with various modern technologies which ensure an impressive experience for the viewers. 

Quantum-dot Technology
The most notable feature of QLED TVs is the technology they are based on. These models are designed using the quantum dot technology, which offers very high picture quality. In this technology, more than a billion quantum dots are sandwiched between the layers of the display. The light is filtered through these quantum dots, as a result of which the vibrancy and the colour gamut of the pictures are greatly enhanced. It also makes the pictures much sharper with accurate shades. 

AI-powered Adjustments
Apart from the quantum dot technology, the latest QLED smart TV models also come with AI-powered engines which further boost the graphics through various optimisations. IPQ engine is one of the most notable ones among them, performing a variety of functions. These include improving the HDR, adjusting the brightness with high precision and enhancing the colour range intelligently. A 4K UHD QLED TV also delivers excellent picture resolution due to its high pixel density. 

Other Display Enhancements
Apart from the above-described features, several other technologies help to enhance the graphics in QLED TVs too. For instance, Dolby Vision boosts the brightness levels, contrast and colour range in case of Dolby exclusive content and deliver a cinematic experience. On the other hand, HDR 10+ optimises every frame separately and boosts the saturation. It also includes the full metadata in case of movies and games alike. 

Smart Integration
The QLED TVs are generally manufactured by the top brands that put considerable emphasis on smart integration to enhance the user experience. For example, TCL India has come up with Magiconnect, a feature which allows the users to operate the TV using their smartphones. The app can also be used to take screenshots from the TV or to cast content from the smartphone to the TV and vice-versa. They have also come up with a powerful all-in-one AI platform capable of performing various tasks. Using it, one can easily connect the TV to other smart devices at home and control them using the voice recognition system installed into the TV. 

Superb Audio Quality
The impressive visuals offered by a QLED TV require equally high audio quality in order to be able to deliver a truly immersive experience. Keeping this in mind, the leading manufacturers have been integrating their TVs with features like Dolby Atmos and DTS smart audio processing. Dolby Atmos creates 3D audio that allows the viewers to enjoy movies to the fullest. The sophisticated post-processing technology from DTS results in a rich acoustic field that delivers sound effects similar to a live experience. 

Thanks to all these features, QLED TVs have become a hit among gamers and movie buffs alike and enquiries regarding QLED TV price have increased. High sound quality and rich graphics together deliver a theatrical experience at home.