giving frontline employees all the operating autonomy they can handle while maintaining tight,

customers and potential investors that the entrepreneur may not be committed for the long haul. A business with no employees and hard assets may also be difficult to sell, because potential buyers will probably worry that the company will vanish when the founder departs. To build a durable company, an entrepreneur may have to consider integrating vertically or replacing subcontractors with full-time employees.온라인카지노
How strong is the organization?
An organization’s capacity to execute its strategy depends on its “hard” infrastructure—its organizational structure and systems—and on its “soft” infrastructure—its culture and norms.
The hard infrastructure an entrepreneurial company needs depends on its goals and strategies. (See the insert “Investing in Organizational Infrastructure.”) Some entrepreneurs want to build geographically dispersed businesses, realize synergies by sharing resources across business units, establish first-mover advantages through rapid growth, and eventually go public. They must invest more in organizational infrastructure than their counterparts who want to build simple, single-location businesses at a cautious pace.

Investing in Organizational Infrastructure
Few entrepreneurs start out with both a well-defined strategy and a plan for developing an organization that can achieve ...

A venture’s growth rate provides an important clue to whether the entrepreneur has invested too much or too little in the company’s structure and systems. If performance is sluggish—if, for example, growth lags behind expectations and new products are late—excessive rules and controls may be stifling employees. If, in contrast, the business is growing rapidly and gaining share, inadequate reporting mechanisms and controls are a more likely concern. When a new venture is growing at a fast pace, entrepreneurs must simultaneously give new employees considerable responsibility and monitor their finances very closely. Companies like Block-buster Video cope by centralized financial controls.

An evolving organization’s culture also has a profound influence on how well it can execute its strategy. Culture determines the personalities and temperaments of the workforce; 바카라사이트