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Cantilever Pinch Roll/Pinch Roll/Tail Breaker

Cantilever Pinch Roll/Pinch Roll


Akshi Engineers is one of the best Cantilever Pinch Roll Manufacturers in India. Pinch Rolls are widely used in hot strip steel mills because they have natural lubricating qualities and are resistant to dissimilar metal adhesion. This characteristic aids in the elimination of coil rejection due to poor surface quality. Furthermore, the metallurgical characteristics of rolls aid in providing resistance to adhesive and abrasive wear, allowing for longer campaign durations and consistent wear across each campaign pinch roll is being used in the process.


Features include:

  • Pinch Rolls are designed to operate at their best.
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of hot steel strip coiling operations.
  • the top and the bottom Shaft, hubs, sleeve, and other associated hardware are included in the roll assembly.


AC Pinch Roll/Pinch Roll

AC Pinch Rolls are used to push the material in a specific direction and are meant to give precision working, allowing the material to be moved over a long distance without undergoing any physical changes. The Pinch Roll is made up of solid rolls, two high gearboxes, and a carbon shaft for optimal performance. AC The material is pushed in a certain direction by a motor-driven pinch roll, which does not create any physical changes in the material as it is transported over a distance.


DC Pinch Roll/Cantilever Pinch Roll

DC Pinch Rolls/Cantilever Pinch Roll are mounted in a working rolling mill at various locations, including between the roughing and intermediate mills, as well as before and after the TMT quenching box. The usage of these rollers allows for the regular tension of bars and the maintenance of speeds. In these DC Pinch Rolls, the utilization of two Hi Gear Box solid Rolls with Cardon Shaft aids in establishing regularity in operations.


Tail Breaker

Tail breakers are used to reduce the velocity of TMT bars after the flying shear and before the cooling bed. It is powered by variable-speed AC and DC motors. A pneumatic cylinder keeps the rolls apart. A steel body, pneumatic cylinder, top, and bottom arms, and rolls are all part of it.


Akshi Engineers is a leading Tail Breaker Manufacturer, which is made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Tail breaker is a high-performance, long-lasting product. It can be purchased at a low cost.

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