Read the Fifa video game tournament before starting the game.

Before playing the Fifa video game tournament, you should carefully read its rules. Here is the rule mentioned below that can give you the proper overview. 

FIFA online video game has gained a lot of popularity these days. Almost gamers are interested in playing this game. But you have to remember, to be eligible for the Fifa video game tournament, players must be registered with their valid EA Account and accept their official Rules and the Event Rules. 



What are the rules of the online Fifa video game:

  • FIFA tournaments are only valid when 8-16 players participate in them.
  • During check-in, you have to fill the entire bracket through a blind draw.
  • All you need to know is EA Sports FIFA is played on PS4. No coaching is allowed here. You cannot use the memory card to view saved games.
  • Even the use of players and headphones has been banned. Even they cannot listen to the music while they are playing.
  • Players will receive controllers through the UNH Game Room. They can use their own; there are no restrictions.
  • It is the responsibility of ETA players to be properly familiar with the controller's functions and modes of operation.
  • The authority will decide whether the winner can use penalty shots if the tournament goes to extra time.

Before entering the Fifa video game tournament, entrants constitute full and unconditional Agreement to this Agreement. All tournament decisions will be made by game room staff.