Pros and Cons of The Gig Economy

There are both positive and negative points for using the gig economy as a company owner.


  • No fixed salary. Having employees on a fixed salary means that you are required to pay holidays, sick pay, and notice period salaries. This is inevitably expensive for the business. Using zero-hour contracts avoids this. 
  • Lots of flexible employees. Having a vast number of flexible employees means you are less likely to rely on a few people. This means that no matter what the job is, or where it is located, you are likely to have it covered by one of your many workers. 


  • Workers are not as invested. Because they are ‘casual’ workers, employees are not loyal to your company and can leave at any time. In addition, gig work can reduce the workers’ incentive to do a great job, because if anything comes up, they can easily switch to another company.

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