IsoHunt proxy

IsoHunt was one such torrent site that was shut down back in 2013 due to some legal issue. Although the original site has been shut down, but it has many working proxy sites. On the contrary, IsoHunt proxy sites are very similar to IsoHunt original website and consist of the same data and features.

What is IsoHunt?

As already mentioned above, IsoHunt is one of the popular torrent search engines. You can download, browse, upload or search torrent files on this site. Specifically, you can download movies, music and, software from this site.

The site was banned and shut down back in 2012 because of its pirated content. Legal action was taken against this site by Motion Pictures Association, America or, the MPAA due to IsoHunt’s violation of copyright rules.

Nonetheless, there are many IsoHunt proxy sites available that are very similar to IsoHunt.