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Full Beginners Guide

If you are completely new to crypto or just new to pumps we hope this information will be useful to you.

1) Read our website and learn what we do and how you can become a pump insider.

2) Register at
https://binance.com/ Note: if you are from the US you need to register over a vpn as binance will not accept new US applicants but you are permitted to trade from inside the US. Once you are registered you can now turn off your vpn and trade like normal from your home ip. The withdrawal limit for an unverified account is 2 Bitcoin daily.

3) Buy your first Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Coinbase is the easiest and most straightforward app to use. If you need help see here:

4) Once you have your very own bitcoins
 Congratulations! you need to deposit them on binance.com. Here is a detailed explanation which also includes how to execute a trade and how to withdraw your coins later. https://www.bitdegree.org/tutorials/binance-review/

5) Now you are all set up with bitcoin (BTC) loaded into your binance account and you are ready to trade!



In short we are a Cryptocurrency pump group where all sorts of members from all sorts of places join up to push a target coin/token all at the same time so we can collectively profit.

This will cause:  
-The coin to increase rapidly in price.  
-This price/ volume boost will trigger ALGO bots as well as outside traders to notice the break out and also buy the coin which increases the price further.  
-Now our coin is the top gainer for the day on Binance and getting even more attention. Meanwhile we are promoting this rise along side the news given about the coin by our team to bring in even more investors.  
-Now it is time to sell our coins which we bought just as they began to rise (remember our mas influx of buy orders is what started all this) once they have reached our target and all members can profit.

This process has been done by our core team over 60 times and works incredibly well. We will always be free to join and never have any ranks or advantages, all pumps are free for all and all users will always be treated equally. BUY - LIST - PROMOTE - PROFIT