Lunar calendar of haircuts

Auspicious day for a model haircut. Hair will be softer and silkier. Hair growth slows down. It is recommended to paint and highlight. Hair dyed on this day retains rich shades for a long time. A radical change in hair color can be carried out with the moon in Libra at a full moon. You can do a fine perm. Use volumizing hair care products.

Auspicious day for a short haircut. Haircut on this day helps to strengthen the roots. The shape of the hairstyle holds up well. It is not recommended to lighten your hair. It is better to dye your hair brown. Highlights, dyeing and perm will last for a long time. You can use products to moisturize your hair and give it shine.

Auspicious day for hair cutting. Hair trimmed on this day grows faster. Recommended to be painted in bright colors, especially blond. Perm is not recommended as it increases the risk of hair damage. The use of hair care products against dandruff and damaged hair will be effective.

Hair cut on this day retains its shape well. Hair growth slows down. It is advisable to dye your hair in dark colors, they give the hair a very beautiful, strong and rich color. This day is especially favorable for perm, for both long and short hair. The curl will hold up well and for a long time, but you will have to apply more lotion and extend the duration of the composition. On this day, you need to use moisturizing masks for hair care.

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The influence of the moon on human life is proven and an indisputable fact. Astrologers give important advice, which does not hurt to listen. The actions of people on earth depend on what position this star occupies in the firmament and in what phase of influence it is. Therefore, it is even desirable to have a haircut according to the lunar calendar, which will tell you the time of this procedure.

The haircut lunar horoscope, which indicates the position of the star in relation to various signs, is no less important than the lunar calendar. Knowing in what sign of the zodiac the month is located, you can successfully choose the time for haircuts.

Each day of the week has its own energy and characteristics, given them you can achieve a certain effect as a result of a haircut. That is why the influence of the day of the week on when to cut hair is reflected in the lunar calendar. The most successful days for this are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday is the day of renewal and cleansing. A Thursday haircut helps you get rid of past failures and negative moments and discover new opportunities. Hair after cutting will be renewed and will acquire natural beauty.

Eastern astrology, unlike Western astrology, pays attention to any human action as a change in the quality of life. Even a simple haircut can radically change your destiny. Tibetans divide lunar days into favorable and unfavorable for cutting (shaving) hair. The days of hair cutting have as a beneficial effect on the future fate of a person - they have a positive effect on longevity, luck and visual attractiveness; and negative, since a haircut these days can damage a person's vitality and bring trouble.

All of the above applies to any type of hair removal from any part of the body. After shaving, mechanical or chemical hair removal in the waxing phase of the moon, hair begins to grow faster and harder and darker.

On the growing moon, whooping cough patients and allergy sufferers feel worse, there is an increased sensitivity in those suffering from pulmonary diseases. It is believed that lunar rhythms are associated with a person's color vision. healthy people on the full moon experience increased excitability and performance, often insomnia and headaches. According to some sources, the frequency of crimes during the full moon is confirmed by statistics.

With the help of a haircut, you can improve a person's well-being, free him from negative energy, or, conversely, provoke an illness. The hair cutting ritual has been carried out both in church rituals and in witchcraft for several centuries.

Previously, a little vinegar was given to the water for washing hair, so the hair shone beautifully. Vinegar has not lost this effect until now, it can be used today, especially since it is not harmful to the environment, unlike modern chemical cosmetics. Vinegar is especially useful for curled hair.

We owe a lot to the law of nature, which says that the movement of the moon affects the growth and quality of hair. Remarkable Results Can Be Achieved By Taking Lunar Hair Care Rules Seriously

The most important factor in determining a day favorable for visiting a hairdresser is the zodiac sign; in terms of importance, the lunar day and the lunar phase are slightly behind it. However, do not get too hung up on the conventions of the lunar calendar. When making an important decision, you should first of all listen to yourself and to the advice of specialists, and only after that turn to heavenly wisdom.

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are considered to be the signs that are most suitable for cutting hair. If a haircut is scheduled for the days when one of these signs controls, then after the procedure the hair will become easily manageable and obedient, noticeably more luxuriant, and its growth will increase. Virgo is the best constellation for curling and dyeing hair. A good period can also be called when Libra and Gemini act as governing signs. Sagittarius practically does not affect the condition of the hair, but it brings good luck in all endeavors.

The influence of moon phases on hair growth is obvious. Depending on the day of the haircut, the hair growth process may slow down or speed up. If you choose an unfavorable day for hairdressing procedures, then the hair may begin to fall out, and the scalp will be covered with dandruff scales. It is a mistake to think that only a haircut can cause trouble. Perming and dyeing can also affect the hair if not done on time.

Hair is a powerful source of strength that can completely change the energy background that surrounds a person everywhere and everywhere. That is why, when this or that effect is exerted on the hair, not only the image but also the whole life changes radically. In order not to cause irreparable harm to your aura, you should choose only favorable days for your haircut, and avoid visiting hairdressers on those dates when the Moon strongly discourages such promenades.

The moon in Aries is considered very favorable for cutting hair in general, although it does not affect the condition of the hair and hairstyle. After such a procedure, the body's defenses weaken, the risk of getting sick increases.

On this day, various hair masks are especially useful. It is advisable to give preference to products that contain many natural elements. A haircut will adversely affect h


ealth and fate.

Today is an auspicious day for going to the hairdresser. Do not cut your nails and hair, as this may result in loss of property. You can strengthen and treat hair and nails, the effect will be good.

This day is suitable for medical procedures aimed at strengthening the hair, giving it vitality. Also, trimming the ends and easy changes in the shape of the hairstyle will have a positive effect on their condition.

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