What Is Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Green lipped mussel extract is the nutrients that have been removed from the live mussel for processing into supplements. The type of extract that is used is very important, because that will determine whether the user will be able to receive all of the health benefits that are available from eating the raw mussels.

There are two types of green lipped mussel extract that can be used for making supplements, these are (1) powder extract (2) oil extract - it is important to note that these do not provide the same health benefits.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract Differences

The green lipped mussel has become increasingly important as a food source. The reason for this is because the mussel contains such a diverse collection of nutrients, that it is acknowledged as one of the most complete whole foods that have been discovered.

But this is the nutrients that are found in the raw mussel. So, if you are going to get the same health benefits from a mussel supplement, then you have to be sure that the extract that was used for the supplement has actually retained the nutrients.

Green lipped mussel powder is the only extract that still has the same nutrient profile as the raw mussel.

The differences are related to the extraction process -the powder is taken directly from the mussel, but the oil is removed out of the powder.

When the powder is extracted it remains essentially the same whole food as the raw mussel. But that is not the case for the oil; it is not considered a whole food any longer when it is removed from the oil.

What Are You Giving Up If You Take Mussel Oil Supplements?

The mussel oil only represents around 8-10 percent of the mussel powder. Even if the nutrient profiles of the two were identical, there would still be a dramatic reduction in how much of these that you were receiving for the same dosage.

Sure, you could just take 10-12 times more mussel oil supplement - but what a huge value difference. And why would you want to do that when you could just take green lipped mussel powder supplements instead.

But the two extracts aren't the same - so, you are getting a way worse value for something that has less benefits; I don't think so.

What Are The Supplement Benefits?

You want to take green lipped mussel supplements for some very important health benefits. https://www.aaextracts.com/green-tea-extract/ They are a powerful anti-inflammatory that is valuable for reducing excess body inflammation, and for relieving pain from swollen joints and arthritis.

Both mussel extracts are able to provide these benefits - you just get more of them from the green lipped mussel powder extract.

But there are additional benefits for your skin, circulatory system, immune system, bones and teeth, fertility, nervous system, and overall nutritional well-being - these aren't available from mussel oil extract, only from the mussel powder.

One Very Unique Component Of Mussel Powder Extract

There is a nutrient group in the green lipped mussel powder extract that isn't related to inflammation; these are known as mucopolysaccharides.

These were found through research done by Dr. Orville H. Miller, a professor of pharmaceutical chemist, and recognized natural health expert.

His studies showed that mucopolysaccharides play a very important role in our bodies metabolism, growth, and even how we age - causing these to be referred to as the 'glue of life'. It was also determined that we lose these in our body at an exponential rate as we grow older, with 90% of them already gone by the time we reach 10 years old.

In was concluded that the mucopolysaccharides were so nutritionally important that they may be an essential that needs to be replaced by diet or supplementation, similarly to the omega-3 essential fatty acids - the green lipped mussel powder extract is possibly the best natural source that is available.