"Kim Yeon-kyung, stop commentating and start explaining" Lee Jae-young fandom truck protest in front

  Lee Jae-young's (PAOK Thessaloniki) fan club has organized a protest against Kim Yeon-kyung's (Heungkuk Life) Asian Games commentary.

"Recently, KBS appointed Kim Yeon-kyung as a commentator for women's volleyball and continuously promoted this fact," said Jae Young Time, the official fan club of Lee Jae-young.

"We, Jae Young Time, as a Korean volleyball organization, would like to voice our outrage at this unconscionable decision," they said. 카지노사이트가이드 

"KBS is a public broadcaster funded by the taxpayers' money," they said, adding, "Kim Yeon-kyung has been the subject of several very serious allegations of workplace harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment, and it is deplorable that there has not been any form of investigation or coverage of these allegations, so it makes no sense for her to appear as a commentator without explanation."

"We don't understand what KBS was thinking or how they had the guts to make this decision," he said, adding, "It's just a matter of using a highly recognized athlete to increase ratings.

No matter how great the athlete's achievements are, if there is any wrongdoing, it should be thoroughly verified and appropriate responsibility should be taken accordingly."

He also continued to criticize Kim Yeon-kyung.

"Kim Yeon-kyung has declared that she will no longer play for the national team, but she is still an active player earning a high salary in a professional team," said Jae Young-tim.

"She was listed as an 'advisor' to the national team not long ago, and now she is offering to commentate on the national team's matches, which have entered a dark period since she quit and left."  

 Jae Young Time is also organizing a truck protest in front of the KBS headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul, and around the Digital Media City in Sangam-dong.

The trucks read, "We demand that Kim Yeon-kyung answer the allegations against her first, not commentate," "We oppose Kim Yeon-kyung's KBS commentary," "We don't want to see her at the Asian Games," and "We oppose Kim Yeon-kyung's association with KBS volleyball commentary due to allegations of sexual harassment and workplace bullying.

"We, Jae Young Time, strongly demand that KBS rescind the selection of Kim Yeon-kyung as a commentator for the Asian Games," they said, "and we are conducting publicity activities to publicize this skit."

Lee Da-young recently posted a series of revelations about Kim Yeon-kyung on her Instagram. In an interview with the media, Lee also claimed that she had a difficult time at Heungkuk Life due to Kim's harassment.

In addition, Lee posted an image of the "Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Manual in the Workplace" and detailed her report to the Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) Player Grievance Center.