Choosing the Right TV size: How to go about it?

QLED TVs have become quite popular in recent times, thanks to the immersive experience and modern features they offer. However, there are plenty of options from QLED TV 55 inch to 75 inch models. TV buyers often face a hard time trying to decide which screen size would be the most suitable one for themselves. After all, the optimal screen size depends on various factors, including how and for what purpose it would be used. 

While looking for the right size, you need to keep in mind that the screen sizes are measured diagonally. This means that a 55 inch TV screen actually measures 55 inches from corner to corner. Often, buyers face disappointment after buying a TV because it turns out to be smaller than they expected. This occurs from the simple mistake of assuming the screen size to be the height or the width of the TV. 

According to Viewing Distance
The distance from which the TV would be watched is a major factor to consider while deciding upon the size. Watching a large TV from too close might not result in the optimal experience as the pixels would become visible. However, in case of the 65 inch QLED TV models, it is possible to watch the TV from a relatively closer distance. This is because the high resolution and pixel density makes sure that the pixels are harder to notice. Depending on whether you would use the TV commercially or domestically, you may calculate the screen size as per viewing distance. 

  • Domestic use: For watching TV at home, the optimal viewing distance is twice the size of the TV. Before buying the TV, you may measure the distance from the spot you would set it up to the couch where you would sit to watch it. Dividing this distance by two would give you the diagonal length of the recommended TV size.
  • Commercial use: In case if the TV would be used commercially, for purposes such as conferences or classrooms, the formula would differ. The distance of the farthest viewer should be six times the height of the TV. 

According to Viewing Angle
The viewing angle is an important factor to consider as well, and this depends on the number of viewers. If you watch the TV alone or with a couple of others, almost any size should work. However, you might want to go for a big screen if you are planning to watch the TV with friends for family and some might have to sit at wider angles. This is why 75 inch QLED TV screens are growing in popularity among movie buffs who like to watch their favourite shows with their loved ones. 

As per Space in your Home
Last but not the least, you need to consider the space available in the room and what screen size it would be able to accommodate, including the bezel. The size and depth of the mount or the stand matters as well. You wouldn’t want to buy a large screen TV and then realise it is actually too big for your room. 

Apart from these, your personal preferences and comfort are major factors too and would help you decide whether you should go for a 55 inch QLED TV or a larger size.