Download KMSPico Free Software For Windows in 2021



KMSPico is the activator that is used to activate Microsoft Products, such as Windows and Office. Software developed by respected TeamDaz, they have also made other tools KMS like KMSAuto which work automatically they are going well for us and it is useful.

If you are not getting the premium feature of windows for free then KMSPico is a very useful tool for active windows and enjoy these features for free with the help of this tool. KMSPico is available without a paid subscription.

KMSPico is an amazing activator that works without the internet and it's very easy to use. So If anyone is having a problem activating windows you can follow the below guide to learn how we can do it easily, also you will find the Download KMSPico link.


Features of KMSpico 

KMSPico tool has many features it is very easy to use. It has good user-friendly features, anyone can understand it within a few seconds.


  1. KMSPico tool helps you to activate the different versions of Microsoft Office either is the x84 bit or x64 bit. This tool automatically detects the version of a product.
  2. KMSPico is free and also it is a virus and malware-protected tool.
  3. You don’t need to have an internet connection to use this activator. It is a fully standalone (Offline) tool.
  4. KMSPico provides you with genuine activation. You don’t need to worry, it's fully trusted.
  5. It also supports multiple languages.
  6. It requires to have any Framework or any version to work it properly.



What is the KMSpico?


KMSPico is a fully automatic activator tool based on Microsoft AutoKMS. I recommend using this particular activator. Fully activates the final version of Windows 10 Pro and fully automatically. Now you do not have to suffer from constant reminders that you need to activate Windows.

KMSPico is the best windows 10 activator out there on the market. It not only activates windows but also activates your Microsoft Office. Kmspico is the best and latest activator to activate all Microsoft windows and office versions.

Kmspico is a key management system activation app that allows users to activate Microsoft products, like Windows and Office, without purchasing a license key. It is an absolute virus-free tool and reliable to many people. This is a tool to permanently activate any version of Windows and Microsoft Office within a matter of seconds.


How to download KMSPico Software for Windows?

To download KMSPico, you can go through our site to know more about it. KMSPico Tool


After downloading KMSPico, just follow the below steps:-


Step 1.  Unzip the KMSpico2021.zip archive with WinRAR.

Step 2.  Install the setup ” KMSpico-setup.exe “.

Step 3.  After installation, Launch AutoPico from the Start Menu and then 

              Allow the application to run.

Step 4.  On the New Window that appears, click on the “red button” to 

              crack Windows and Office.

Step 5.  Restart your Computer now and enjoy the use of Windows and 

              Office for free.




Based on an overall article we concluded that we get all Microsoft Office products in free but on 30 days trial period. So to continue working we have to activate that Microsoft product and for that activation, a tool is needed. So Kmspico is a free activator tool in the market and it is available for free.


Kmspico is fully trusted. Using Kmspico you can activate your Microsoft product and also it can activate your windows automatically. Based on the complete article, Kmspico is the best activator tool.