Prenatal Yoga For A Healthier Birthing Process

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"Congratulations!!!!! You are going to be a mommy soon." What an immense joy I had when heard those words. My brain started racing with anticipation and anxiety. All good food habits and exercise regimes started popping in my head. And then I thought of Yoga. Can yoga help me through all these months? Is there any prenatal yoga posture that can enhance the healthy development of my baby?

We desire to stay in shape even when we are grumpy, nauseated and bloated, seeking ways to accomplish our objective, while keeping the little caterpillar safe in our wombs. We may exercise at the gymnasium or swim in the pool, yet with precautions and feasible posture guidelines, prenatal yoga prepares you for the birth process, in addition to keeping in shape. It has been observed that expecting mothers who had given a shot at prenatal yoga, give birth to healthy and well-developed babies, who in their later years grow up to be well-adjusted human beings ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana sequence.

In the first trimester, inverted yogic postures like Cow pose (Gomukhasana) and Cat pose (Bidalasana) aids in strengthening the abdominal muscle. Meanwhile, Child pose (Balasana) helps in toning the muscles of chest and pelvis for easy childbirth and feeding.

In the second trimester for making birthing easier, hip joints and muscles must be more flexible. Yoga positions like Ardha Chandrasana, Pigeon, Baddha Konasana Warrior II and Triangle, will improve flexibility and consequently easier birth process. In the third trimester practice the birthing breath (deep breathing), take deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth.