What is The Best Method For Cleaning Windows?



Why is there a need to clean windows? Well, however keen you are about the cleanliness of your home, it is impossible to beat the pollution and grime accumulation. It obstructs the view and reduces the amount of sunlight. Hence, it becomes mandatory to perform window cleaning Adelaide. What is the best way of doing that? Here, we give a step-by-step method.


Always Perform Cleaning On a Dry But Cloudy Day

Of course, you cannot control the weather. But the best day is when the temperature is low, and the sun is not shining brightly. Otherwise, the cleaner will dry before you wipe. And you will have windows with difficult-to-remove streaks.

If there is no chance to find such a perfect day, then you can perform window cleaning Adelaide early in the morning. Before the sun shines brightly, you should finish your work and enjoy a cup of coffee.


First of All, Remove All Dirt

It is essential to sweep dirt from the window frame and panes using a brush. You can use a vacuum cleaner also. Thus, the dirt will not convert in a black, muddy mess. If the windows are quite grimy, then you need to use the light soapy solution in hot water. Use a soft brush to clean the windows. Rinse well and let it dry fully. A microfiber duster makes wonders. It is because it is soft and attracts dust particles well. Wiping with a damp piece of microfiber first followed by a dry one would be a great idea. This fiber is washable, super absorbent, and leaves no streaks.  Also, the glass panes get a unique shine. If you do not have microfiber, then a paper towel is another good option. window cleaning Adelaide CBD takes time. You have to be patient.

Choice Of Cleaner

There are several brands. You can choose one that finds good to you. Remember, you need a lot of cleaners so that all dirt dissolves and wipes away.

Call a Professional

If you are not an enthusiastic cleaner, then it is better to calla professional. He has experience of cleaning different types of windows. A professional cleaning company comes with trained people, all the necessary equipment and tool. What you get is a perfectly cleaned, spotless window. The frequency of window cleaning Adelaide CBD should be twice a year. It depends on the extent of dirt accumulation. You can sign a maintenance contract if you feel comfortable.