How To Find A Job Using Recruitment Agencie

If you already use an IT recruitment agency, you are probably doing so for a number of reasons. As well as saving you time and money, employing the services of an agency can help your business find some of the best talent available.

A good IT recruitment agency will offer quality over quantity every time, so it is important that you know they are adopting a targeted approach to recruitment. However, if you feel you are not receiving this level of service, or have not yet decided on which IT recruitment agency to use, Recruiting agencies are three fundamental points for you to look out for:

1.) Their advertising approach should vary based on each vacancy. A good agency recognises that, to get the best candidates, it is often necessary to advertise in more niche publications. The methods for attracting candidates should not just be limited to job boards either, but also include e-mail marketing, referral networks and much more.

2.) Their internal systems should enable a targeted approach. A good agency will be able to record vital bits of information about each candidate who makes contact with them. Not only should this be able to document their key skills, but also more niche skills that may be relevant to specific projects. A rich, constantly refreshed and well-ordered database will help to drastically cut the time it takes to find good candidates.

3.) They should employ advanced headhunting techniques. Of course each approach depends on each requirement. However, for high level positions, the best consultants will not wait for the ad responses to roll in, but actively seek to establish contact with candidates they know or believe will be interested in the requirement. Your IT recruitment agency should have consultants who are well trained in this regard.