What is the way to activate view my paycheck in QuickBooks?

Initially known as View My Paycheck, QuickBooks Workforce helps the employees to access their payroll information in a few easy clicks using their credentials. Their paycheck data is available to them 24/7 with the right credentials to login. Instead of employers accomplishing the task of sending payroll data View My Paycheck provides self-service with the online portal. QuickBooks Workforce has incorporated the benefits formerly called View My Paycheck. We cover you through the steps to activate view my paycheck in QuickBooks and if it differs anyhow with the QuickBooks Workforce. 


Read through the article to cover the steps listed and activate view my paycheck in QuickBooks or call the QB team on (855)-526-5749



Highlights related to View My Paycheck in QuickBooks
    1. View My Paycheck displays the current and year-to-date earnings and deductions. It ensures that you know how your paycheck was calculated.
    2. So as to print a copy of your pay stub, hit on Save as PDF to the computer and print it for the records.
    3. For the notification, each time a new pay stub is uploaded to View My Paycheck. Go to Preferences and put a checkmark at the Send me an email when the new pay stubs are available checkbox.
    4. How can I Activate View My Paycheck in QuickBooks Online?
    5. Go to Employees in QuickBooks Online.
    6. Select Manage Payroll Cloud Services and check mark the option of View My Paycheck.
    7. When asked, create the payroll service PIN that will be used to send pay stub information. As a confirmation, re-enter the PIN.


How to Set up QuickBooks Workforce for QuickBooks Desktop version?
    1. Open QuickBooks Desktop application and click on Employees.
    2. Hit on Manage Payroll Cloud Services.
    3. On the Payroll Cloud Services turn the Status of QuickBooks Workforce to ON.
    4. Create or Confirm the PIN when asked and select Save Changes.
    5. Choose return to QuickBooks from the confirmation Window.


The steps to upload paycheck information after every payroll are as follows:
    1. Make paychecks as you normally do in your QuickBooks Desktop company file.
    2. Using printing checks, click on Send to Intuit and then hit Next.
    3. On the Send/Receive Data window, select Send. When prompted, enter your Payroll Service PIN.
    4. Send Invites to employees after you activate view my paycheck in QuickBooks
    5. In QuickBooks Desktop Company, navigate to Employees and click on Manage Payroll Cloud Services.
    6. In the Payroll Cloud Services Window, under QuickBooks Workforce Status click on Invite Employees.
    7. The Employee List opens thereafter. Select the employees you want to give access to and add their email addresses.
    8. Click on Send Invite.


After you activate view my paycheck in QuickBooks saves a lot of tasks on behalf of employers and is a better option than paying employees by cash or check which involves a lot of paperwork. In case of having any issue contact  the QB support team on (855)-526-5749