Best Site to Understand 7 Class Science Question Paper 2020 Pattern- Extramarks!

Science subject majorly has 3 branches- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Class 7 CBSE Science syllabus deals with many different topics like Soil, Wind, Storms, and Cyclones, Physical and Chemical changes, Light, Water, Reproduction in Plants, etc. In short, the curriculum is a blend of some important fundamentals of all the three branches of Science subject. CBSE Board curriculum helps students to build a strong understanding of Science subjects right from early years so that students can build their concepts strong and hence enhances their interest in the Science field.
While learning the concepts from the grassroots level is important, practicing a good number of CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Papers is equally important. After all, it is an all-time believe that “Practice makes a man perfect.” A wide range of CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Papers, mapping strictly with Class 7 Science question paper 2020 is available on Extramarks – the Learning App.
But why should a student refer to an app and not books because, since all these years, books have been considered the best source to study? As we are growing towards the advancement of technology, it is important to upgrade learning methodologies as well. This helps to cope up with the changing environment. Furthermore, online learning techniques have made learning a smarter and more efficient experience for students. It is more flexible, convenient, and student-oriented.
Extramarks- The Learning App is a time-proven learning app; it has been giving out outstanding results since its launch in 2007. The team of Extramarks is well experienced and qualified, so the students get to learn from excellent faculties at the ease of sitting back at home.
Extramarks work upon a simple yet effective approach of Learn-Practice-Test. This pedagogy has already helped millions of students to perform well in their exams. Students can learn their concepts of Science subject Class 7 CBSE through online videos; these videos are designed with the advanced approach of visual learning, helping students to learn quickly and retain the knowledge beyond learning for just the exam. Students can also learn through live sessions provided by the expert teachers and practiced a wide collection of questions available on the app. after learning and practicing, students can attempt CBSE Class 7 Science question papers, designed as per the exam pattern of 7 Class Science question paper 2020. This gives students a good understanding of the exam pattern, marking schemes, time management during the exam, and build good exam strategies for the exam day.