Life after a knee replacement surgery

There’s a lot of information available about what happens during a knee replacement procedure explaining all that we can possibly expect from the surgery but there’s not much information about how one’s everyday life is impacted after getting it done. Read through, to learn in detail about life - post knee replacement. 




In a total knee replacement, the surgeon basically removes the damaged knee bone joint along with the affected cartilage and replaces them with a man made prosthesis made out of metal and plastic. A spacer is then inserted between the metal pieces of the newly placed joint to help move the joint smoothly. 

The operative time of the surgery is about two to three hours. After the surgery is completed the patient is taken to the recovery room where all their vitals are closely monitored. Immediately after operation, it is very difficult to pass urine normally because of limited mobility so a catheter is inserted to allow the urine to flow freely. 

Rehabilitation therapy is supremely important after knee replacement. During the initial days of the physical therapy, it can be slightly uncomfortable for the patient to do all that is required in therapy but gradually the stiffness and discomfort goes away.

When you are considering going for a knee replacement in chandigarh, try to find a super specialty hospital with rehabilitation services provided under the same roof so that you don't have to hire a physical therapist from elsewhere. 

You will initially be recommended to walk with crutches or walkers. Slowly, the intensity of therapy will go higher making you go up and down the staircase. Post discharge you will still be required to follow outpatient therapy to keep up with the healing process. 

The wound will be monitored by the surgeon. The initial wound check will involve looking for :

  • Any redness or inflammation.
  • Acute swelling.
  • Any unusual pain. 

It is important to report to your surgeon, if there is any new injury to the joint. There are often times when you are called for a follow up with the surgeon so you might want to search the web for “knee replacement near meif you want a hospital facility near home.

You shall also be on a dose of antibiotics before and immediately after your surgery in order to prevent any infections.

A knee replacement surgery is said to have better outcomes when the patient continues to maintain his/her weight even after surgery. In cases, where patients become overweight there are chances that there would be higher impact on the prosthetics creating discomfort or pain. 

You should be able to resume normal life activities with ease after 6-8 weeks of surgery. Although after your knee replacement in mohali, you should refrain from strenuous physical activities like running, swimming, trekking or even heavy gyming. During follow up with your doctor you should keep track of your recovery and maintain good spirits throughout in order to heal faster and come back stronger.