I Am Saddened


I am Saddened …


I live in Canada now but I am a US citizen born and raised in the USA.

I am a US veteran who fought for my country in the US army with the first of the 11th Cavalry Division in Vietnam.

I loved the USA and would have given my life for her but to see what is going on now breaks my heart.

Now what has been revealed about her that has been hidden for so many years coming to light and watching it unveil has been very worrisome. Not as much as what has happened but how it has been handled.


Of course, she has problems and that is to be expected but what is not to be expected is the way she now shows no respect for herself.

She is open for all eyes to see how pathetic she has become.


She has become rotten from the inside out and to save her the Rott must be cleaned out before she destroys herself completely.


This has been taking place in her government sense President Trump was elected ( cleaning The Swamp ) but for some, it is just business as usual and fight to keep anything from making change.


Instead of what is best for the American people, it has become a battle of politics left verses right and the people sit on the sideline watching the show wondering what side is going to win. I will tell you this if this doesn’t end soon the people will rise up and put an end to it themselves


Let’s pray that it doesn’t come to this.


Trump is on the right side of this battle and we all should support him… I do