Each bookmaker and sports betting page is unique, no matter how similar the portals are. Despite the differences and large selection, finding the right bookmaker is not difficult if you know what you are looking for. Over time, we have tried almost all bookmakers https://nongamstopbets.co.uk/ in the UK. That's why we want to share our knowledge and experience with you, so you can find out which portal is the best for you to bet on sports.

For example, for online sports betting, one big difference is the amount of bonuses and how the payout system is set up. If you understand such differences, you will be able to choose the most suitable bookmaker.

Sports betting portals and their different nuances

What does sports betting mean and how does it work online? Sports betting is a type of gambling in which bets are placed on sports and other events. The bookmaker offers different odds for different sporting events. There are many different types of bets available. Winnings will be paid after the event. The odds of winning and losing and how they are handled varies by bookmaker, so you should read the rules of each page before placing a bet.

The differences between bookmakers are mainly in: the sports bets offered, customer service, payment methods (possibility and speed of payouts), the history and reputation of the company, and the sports bonuses offered.

Types of sports betting and the most popular sports

Betting The bookmakers offer a variety of bets on all events: you can usually bet on Correct Score, Over/Under, Handicap, Live Betting, Combination Bets and more.

Every Estonian betting magazine offers many different sports. As a rule, the betting page is selected depending on which tournaments and leagues are currently available.

Popular sports to bet on in the UK:

  • hockey (KHL and NHL)
  • football (UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, etc.)
  • basketball (NBA, UK basketball teams)
  • martial arts (boxing, wrestling, etc.)
  • motorsport (Formula 1, rally, etc.)
  • tennis (ATP, Wimbledon)
  • eSports (Dota 2, Counter Strike GO, etc.)
  • winter sports (skiing, etc.)
  • lesser known sports (chess, cricket, polo)
  • other events such as political events, entertainment (Oscar)

The exact options depend on the season. Usually the greatest interest is placed on bets during a certain sporting event. For example, the time of the Olympic Games is of great interest, when in bookmakers you can bet on the winners of the Olympic Games.

Sports betting

The best sports bets are not made on a specific sport, they are bets with the best odds. The final winning amount of your bet depends on the odds. The higher the odds, the higher your winnings.

In the UK and other European countries, the odds are in decimal notation, but there are three different odds systems used in the world of sports betting:

  • Decimal system (Odds "3.00" means that if you bet €10, you will get back €30 if you win, i.e. your original winnings of €10 + €20)
  • Fractional system (4/2 means if you win €60 your original bet was €20 and you won €40)
  • American odds (this odds shows how much money you have to bet to win $100).

Odds for the same event can vary greatly between bookmakers in the UK, so odds are very important when choosing a sports betting site.

Customer service

While many of the criteria for sports betting sites may overlap, one of the factors that sets the sites apart is customer service. When it comes to sports betting, this is an extremely important factor because sports betting is not just entertainment - it is quite a strategic process.

When placing bets, you may have questions about the types of bets, how to bet Live, what are the specific rules or payouts. Choose a bookmaker who will answer you quickly and helpfully. A good bookmaker is one that has the most popular customer support options available: phone support, live chat, contact form and FAQ section, where you can already find a lot of answers.

In addition to contacting support, find out what hours the service is open. Some bookmakers offer 24/7 support, but some have limited hours. In addition, the best bookmakers in the UK offer services in several languages, including