Kanye West Really Never Left But There Is Little Doubt That He Certainly Is Back

"How you say broke in Spanish, me no hablo." Kanye West Merch claiming in his latest album "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" he is not accustomed to having the feeling of no money in his pockets. And quite frankly with what he put out in his latest barrage of lyrics and West-themed unorthodox beats, he won't be broke for many years to come. Coming off of his second to last album "808s and Heartbreak" people started to forget and question if Kanye was still the lyrical genius we had been accustomed hearing in his first three albums ("College Dropout" being named one of the best albums of the decade). There is a hunch, though; Mr. West may have out done himself yet again.

Exiling himself to Hawaii, from the 24/7 inter-web world that we live in today, after his shameful rant at the MTV VMA Awards where he embarrassed not only Taylor Swift, but also himself. It most certainly looks like this big mouthed hip hop maniac has found a safe haven in the Aloha State. "N*ggas is going through real sh*t, man they outta work." With the economy the way it has been, no one wants to drop a cent on a piece of music unless it has the names Mozart or Beethoven written on it. But there is no doubt with the artistry that Kanye has displayed in this album, it is destined to have over a million copies sold. He doesn't need the awards, or the money, or the fame. The man simply keeps putting out great music after great music due to sheer talent. The hip hop industry has truly gone soft with pretenders and fakers boasting about things they don't have. Some rappers being so lyrically atrocious, it becomes a hassle to actually listen to a full song.

With Kanye we have a truly different specimen then them all. Thoroughly bred under the wings of the legend, Jay-Z himself, this 33 year old mastermind has stepped up to the challenge of being the next big name and crushed it. We all know that Kanye does not have his head on straight at times but in no way shape or form does he let that affect the work that he puts forth. Any check his record label Roc-a-fella cuts to him is more than well worth it. In this current album, he very intricately puts every beat together from start to finish. In no one song will you be bored by the music, as it gives you a whole spectrum of instrumentals from start to finish, as if you were listening to a story book with a beginning, middle, and end. Collaborating with tons and tons of great artists,  is becoming like a coach on a basketball field by bringing the best out of his players when in studio. There has never been question since he stepped in the game about how lyrically good he has been. From similes, to metaphors the man can get his point across in ways we couldn't even imagine to hear or even at times fathom.

Barring none, Kanye is the best hip hop artist out there at this given moment. Though Lil Wayne would argue he has the top throne, with his music speaking volumes ahead of anyone out there in this genre. The appeal and individuality that Kanye west shoes brings to the table cannot be matched. In his own right, he has transformed the genre from the ghetto, gangster feeling it had at the beginning of the century to a more sophisticated, brash brand of music. Has it been mentioned yet that he is a college dropout? Stunning, is the word that would describe his rise to prominence in one of the most influential genres of his generation. If there is one thing we have learned so far from the hip hop mastermind is never underestimate the greatest in the game right now.