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Negotiated rates

Corporate agencies usually have connections to hotels, car rentals, flights, etc., so they have access to lower rates that only frequent business travelers can take advantage of. However, discounted rates are not the only benefit, as they also offer flight upgrades, Red Rooster room upgrades, and VIP check-in lines if needed.

In-depth information about the travel industry

Business travel agents have access to many travel resources and more importantly, faster than other leisure travel agents. Additional information helps make business travel convenient and comfortable.
Itinerary changes

If an airline ticket needs to be rebooked or canceled, chances are the airline or online provider will charge high fees. If you book with a business travel agent, in most cases you can change the itinerary at no or minimal additional cost.
Functioning emergency contacts

It is important for business travelers to be able to reach the right person in case of an emergency. Business travel agencies have the experience and professionalism to help both the traveler and the company.