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IFB Service Center Mumbai are home appliance service providers for a long time, home appliance like washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven and AC are the most common appliances used in our home and office places, In order to keep these appliances from breakdown we need regular maintenance, we are equipped with such team who can deal with problems in your home appliances like drum leakage, water draining problem in washing machine, ice formation in refrigerator, sparking in microwave oven and not cooling problem in AC.


IFB Washing Machine Service Center Mumbai is the best washing machine repair and service in mumbai. Washing machine maintenance is important because washing machines are frequently used to wash our clothes, in order to avoid problems in your washing machine you need regular check up and repair of your washing machine, we are offering such services at your doorstep through professional technicians who deal with the problems in your washing machines. To register our services give us a call and book your washing machine complaint with our customer care executive. 



IFB Microwave Oven Service Center Mumbai is a microwave oven problem solver for low price at your home or workplace. Problems like sparking, not heating, buttons not working, plate not spinning may occur in your microwave oven due to over usage, to fix the problems you need a professional technician who deals with such problems in their daily work, we offer such technicians at low price at your doorstep to resolve your microwave oven issues. We can save your time and energy and fix your microwave oven problem with ease.


Panasonic Washing Machine Service Center Mumbai is one of the best in solving washing machine problems at your home. We offer solutions through professional trained technicians for washing machine problems like main motor problem, clutch assembly, drain motor problem, water inlet valve problem, over foam formation in washer, washer vibrating during the operation of washing machine and so on. Our services have a 30 day warranty and we are providing genuine spare parts with a 90 day warranty. To avail our services call our customer care and register your washing machine complaint with us.

Godrej Refrigerator Service Center Mumbai is the leading brand offering electronic products like refrigerators for our home appliance needs, refrigerators makes our life easy by keeping our grocery supplies fresh and our beverages cool. In order to keep our refrigerators from breaking down they need regular maintenance and repair for smooth working. We have technical staff just the right people to make your life easy by taking care of your refrigerators. To register your complaint with us click on the link and call our customer care executive.


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