Juniper & Peat - The Perfect Whisky and Gin Direct to Your Door


Juniper & Peat is the UK’s fastest-growing whisky and gin subscription box specialist.

For many years their experts have been searching the world, choosing only the very best whisky and gin for their customers. Now Juniper & Peat brings that expertise, dedication, and skill directly to your door. 


If you want to enjoy single and blended malt whisky and craft gins, you should sign up for a whiskey and gin subscription at juniper and Peat to enjoy premium spirits mixed with exclusive benefits.


When you join the club, you join a community dedicated to seeking out and trying new tastes and styles, finding the diamonds in the rough, moving where others fear to tread, and bring back the rewards.


What’s in a Box?

  • Four 100ml bottles of fantastic whisky or gin
  • Tasting notes to bring the flavors to life
  • The story behind each whisky or gin
  • Garnishes complement the gins
  • Cocktail recipes created by a mixologist for each gin.


Filling in all the corners of your premium whisky and gin map has traditionally been an expensive endeavor. But with a subscription, you can enjoy your drinks at a fraction of the normal cost and many other benefits.

Here’s how:


Taste More

The average man tries just 3-4 whiskies a year. But there are many whisky distilleries in the UK alone and many more spread throughout the world. So, whether you want to expand your palate or try a new sipping spirit, Juniper and Peat subscription boxes may be the answer. 


Spend Less

Since you get original, miniature bottles of whisky rather than large bottles, you’ll be able to sample whiskies and gins from the world’s premier distilleries without breaking your budget. Whiskey and gin subscription box service is the best way to try the drink that you’ve always wanted to taste without spending too much money on full bottles. 


Seek Exclusives

If you want to expand your horizons and get the most out of your drink, then you need to check exclusives. You can get wonderful choices at all price points. The customized boxes are loaded with unparalleled variety and nuanced flavor!


Free Shipping 

There's FREE shipping to anywhere in the UK, and there's no commitment; you only pay for the boxes you receive. All deliveries are thoroughly tracked and can be picked up from a local pick-up depot!


Great Customer Service

When you place your trust in service, you’ll be treated by excellent customer service, which is just so professional. The team of experts is standing by at the time of delivery to answer any questions that you might have. 


By now, your mouth is probably watering at the thought of enjoying a superior whisky and gin. So why not sign up for your subscription for Juniper and Peat? It’s a great way to ensure you try a broad range of gins and whiskies without committing to a whole bottle on every order. Each tasting box contains four miniature bottles of whisky waiting for you to explore.