Brick Pointing and Roof Reconditioning Tigard

Do you have Brick Pointing Violations, holes or cracks and Roof Reconditioning Tigard in your house, building or business? Elements Roofing are professional and expert brick pointing contractors. We will help you avoid and or clear any structure violations.



Brick pointing is necessary to repair eroding or crumbling mortar joints, correct defects, or to completely fill joints in newly laid masonry by placing mortar between joints in brickwork to improve water penetration resistance. For brick pointing or re-pointing service Call Us Today.


Here are some terms you should know:


Point – To place plastic mortar into joints to correct defects or to completely fill joints in newly laid masonry.

Re-point – To place plastic mortar into cut or raked joints to correct defective mortar joints in masonry.

Tuck-point – (a) to point masonry with a flush mortar joint that approximates the color of the masonry units and a mortar of contrasting color that is shaped into a thin strip. (b) see re-point.

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process designed to ensure that no water enters into whatever it is you want to keep dry and making sure the basement of your home stays dry.

If you have moisture in your basement, most likely you have one or more leaks in the foundation of your home. The Waterproofer can help by stopping water from penetrating through your basement walls, keeping water outside of your home and controlling moisture levels in your basement.

Sidewalk and Roof Reconditioning Tigard

Those Damaged sidewalks not only make your property look neglected, they also present a liability should someone were to fall and get injured. It is a New York City Violation!

Elements Roofing  we are a professional and expert contractors with years of experience in concrete work.

Our sidewalk repair and installation services will make your property safe and appealing. We have the experience, license and insurance you need to clear those costly sidewalk violations.

We repair sidewalks / Roof Reconditioning Tigard in residential and commercial properties.



When you call us we will come to inspect your concrete  to determine where minor fixing can save your existing concrete, or if we need to replace the sidewalk. Whatever the case we work with our clients to come up with a plan they can afford!


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