The Development Of The Vehicle Gps Navigation Supervision System


Using the rapid development of the economy, there's great development in vehicle possession. There's problem concerning the vehicle management and deployment. In the meantime, you will find growing carjacking and thievery cases which endanger public security and influence social stability. The spy fone personal tracker can effectively control the vehicle for that related individual and organization. It may enhance the management and may assist the police to combat crime and cope with the emergency rapidly.


The safety supervision management system for vehicle would be to conduct real-time supervision from the location and condition from the vehicle inside a massive. It can benefit to handle the vehicle operation over time, enhance the effective utilization rate and ensure the personal safety from the motorists. Meanwhile, it may conduct the effective supervision, urgent help and offers information service for mix region moving target.


The Gps navigation vehicle monitoring system consists of three parts. This is the vehicle primary engine, server and client. The vehicle primary engine defines the positioning of the moving target with the US Gps navigation also it uploads the information with the mobile communication network and Internet. The server receives and saves the positioning data. The customer will get the map and vehicle position information through by going to the server through the internet and offers the consumer with perfect service.


The installed vehicle Gps navigation receiver calculates the current location in line with the received satellite information. The communication controller extracts the needed location, speed and time information in the ouput signal from receiver. It makes the information packet using the vehicle identity and delivers it the monitoring center with the Mobile GPRS.


The server of monitoring center receives the information delivered through the vehicle machine and extracts the place information which is shown on the electronic map of monitoring center regarding the vehicle number and group number.

Simultaneously, the middle system management can look into the vehicle operation condition and dispatch the automobile in line with the vehicle flow in traffic. The vehicle monitoring system should work on three systems -Gps navigation, China Mobile GPRS and global network according to different operators.


The automobile monitoring and management system consists of vehicle machine and scheduling monitor center. The details are delivered in line with the public network system. It does not require separate network system and saves much maintenance expenditure. The vehicle safety monitoring system runs within the effective selection of GSM public network. All of the vehicle objects can gain effective tracking management within the roaming area. The distributing from the GSM technology will promote the coherent growth and development of the vehicle safety monitoring and management system. The expanding from the network is adopted through the expanding from the real tracking range.


The vehicle Gps navigation tracker can realize the actual time tracking display from the vehicle travel route. The vehicle safety monitoring management system applies the multi-level structure. It may conduct different real-time tracking management for group and family.