Modular kitchen concept brings out the ease in your lifestyle by making your cooking more comfortable and interesting as your kitchen items are placed in the most organized manner. Modular kitchens are manufactured in a factory and assembled at your home which gives your two most comforting benefits,


- Firstly, these kitchens are easy to dismantle and moved to your new house if you are shifting;

- Secondly, since all the production is done at the factory and only assembling is done at your home, this saves your time and all the pressure is taken by your modular kitchen company.


The best modular kitchen depends on the size and budget of our clients using Hafele fittings. 


Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts


There are few types of modular kitchen which are selected basis the size of your kitchen area :


  1. Straight Modular Kitchen - This one fits best in the small kitchen area and gives you the advantage of having all the kitchen accessories in the nearest possible space.
  2. L-shaped - These kitchens are made using occupying two walls for your kitchen cabinets including a cooking area and sink. These are most suitable for kitchens that fall near the dining area.
  3. U-shaped Modular Kitchen - As the name suggests, these kitchens use three walls which include cabinets and appliances, and a sink. It can be paired up with an island if space allows, however, this one already provides you more storage options.
  4. Parallel Modular Kitchen - This type of kitchen has two opposite sided running kitchen sides. it provides efficient usage of space
  5. Island kitchen - This is freestanding cabinet storage created in the center of your kitchen and can be used to place your cooking utensils.

Types of Kitchen Material 


  1. MDF- This is a high-grade composite material made from recycled wood fibers. This is highly resistant to cracking and peeling and is smoother.
  2. Plywood- This is a low-cost material that also has a high resistance to moisture is more stable. 
  3. Particleboard- This is made by mixing woodchips and cabinets with an adhesive which is then fused together into the panels. This mixture is comparatively the least firm.

-In this, we use BWP Plywood, which means Boiling waterproof which can withstand prolonged exposure to water and moisture.

  1. HDHMR - It stands for High-Density Moisture Resistant which is an upgraded version of Plywood. This is Moisture, heat, and termite-proof.

Kitchen Finishes 


Below mentioned are options available for your modular kitchen finishes to give it a rich look :


  1. Acrylic - Acrylic gives your kitchen an extra glossy finish and this product is durable which lasts up to 10 to 15 years. It is available in plain and sparkling colors.
  2. PU Finish - This is acrylic based clear coating paint, also called lacquer finish. It involved 6 coatings of PU on a thin sheet of matt white laminate. It is available in many colors, is weather-resistant, and easy to clean. 
  3. Laminate - There are High Gloss Laminates and Matt Laminates, these are economical, rough, and tough. It has a large variety of plain and textured patterns from various companies.  In a Modular kitchen, laminate is hot pressed in the machine to remove air bubbles then edge banding is done to remove sharp corners in shutters and cabinets.
  4. Glass - This finish is comparatively most expensive, however, it gives a luxurious and neat look to your kitchen. In this, back-painted glass is stuck on the surface of ply shutters and is toughened so that it would not harm you in case it breaks. 

These are all important aspects to be considered to choose the best modular kitchen for your house.