What is Trend Micro Pay Guard & How to Use It?

Pattern Micro Pay Guard highlight from Trend Micro Security gives a made sure about climate while you're doing on the web exchanges and banking. This made sure about climate will impede and shield malware and program infusions from taking your acknowledge/charge card subtleties just as banking account subtleties. 


This component proves to be useful, particularly for individuals like me and you who are extra stressed just as dither in doing exchanges on the web. Because of the ascent in malware and personality robberies in the computerized world, individuals are frightened or don't put their financial subtleties in sites due to the dread of getting a digital assault. To shield you in the online world, Trend Micro Security's Pay Guard comes to support you so you can do exchanges easily. 




This component accompanies all the most recent PC versions of Trend Micro Security and functions admirably with your #1 programs Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 


We have secured all you require to think about Trend Micro Pay Guard additionally there is a bit by bit guidance to utilizing Pay Guard for doing safe and made sure about exchanges.


How Pay Guard secures your Online Transactions?


Like other installment assurance bundles, for example, Bitdefender Safe compensation, it additionally utilizes a uniquely solidified program, however, you can likewise utilize it on your default peruse. After you introduce any most recent Trend Micro Security program in your Windows PC, Pay Guard will naturally be empowered. 

It will take out any weak augmentation in your program and afterward apply the Trend Micro Toolbar with which you can securely ride the web and furthermore do online exchanges. On the off chance that you need more assurance on your qualifications, you can utilize Trend Micro's Password Manager.


How does Trend Micro Pay Guard operate?


Pay Guard tags along as a component in the most recent variant of Trend Micro Security, its work is to make your default program more made sure about shielding you from robbery and malware. 

After you introduce the Trend Micro Security program, there will be a different symbol for Pay Guard. At the point when you run the application, it will open your default program however without a bookmark and toolbar. Pay Guard will have its toolbar giving you an additional layer of insurance on the program interface you're acquainted with.


How to Use Trend Micro Pay Guard Windows OS?


Pay Guard upholds Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox, yet shockingly, Mac clients won't have this component. In case you're a Windows client and have introduced the most recent Trend Micro Security, beneath are the various ways, you can open and utilize the Pay Guard.


Via Desktop Shortcut


1. After you introduce Trend Micro Security, you will see the symbol of the Pay Guard. 

2. Double-tap on the application to open it. 

3. In the wake of running the application, your default program says Chrome, will open up with the Pay Guard "Welcome" screen. 

4. Go towards the Trend Micro's protected toolbar and enter your banking or shopping site's URL.


Via Start Menu ( Pay Guard Trend Micro)


1. Snap on the Windows symbol on your base left of your screen. 

2. Quest for the Pay Guard. 

3. On your query output's top outcome, you will see the Pay Guard symbol, snap to open it. 

4. Your default program will legitimately open with the Pay Guard "Welcome" screen. 

5. On the protected toolbar, enter your banking or shopping site's URL.


Via the Main console of Trend Micro Security


1. Search for the Trend Micro Security application and double tap on it to run it. 

2. When the reassure opens, click on the "Security" tab. 

3. On the "Security" window, click on Open close to Pay Guard. 

4. The "Presentation" window shows up. On the off chance that you need to see it again each time you open Pay Guard, you can tick on the "Don't show the presentation once more". 

5. Presently click on, OK. 

6. Your default program will open with Pay Guard's "Welcome' screen.


Via Trend Micro Toolbar on your default browser


Open your default program and search for the Pay Guard symbol on the upper-right corner. 

Click on the symbol and afterward click on Open in Pay Guard.


How to Remove the Pay Guard?


In case if you need or want to use the Pay Guard feature, you can delete its icon or don’t use it. As it comes along with the Trend Micro Security program, you cannot uninstall it. You cannot permanently remove it.


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