Guide children through the simplest and cutest Minion steps

Pà pà pà, potato naaa” Does anyone find it familiar? This is the song of the cute Minions. Today, we will learn with you how to draw minions on paper for yourself. Come on, get your pencils, erasers and drawing paper ready to get started!


Step 1: First, we draw a circle to make the minion's head and a curved line to make its body. Outline the contours for the face according to the shape guide.



How to draw minions on super cute paper


Step 2: After drawing the minion's body frame, we will create a bold line to draw the minion's head. Add some branches on the top of the hairdo, then go to step 3.


Tutorial on how to draw minions on paper


Step 3: One of the features of the minions is the pair of goggles. We will draw the shape of the glasses. Next is to draw the mouth and side hair for the minion.


How to draw minions on paper beautifully

Step 4: Draw eyes as shown to complete the face for the minion.

Step 5: So we have completed the minion head, followed by the body. First, we draw the minion's clothes in the style of a denim jumpsuit with straps. Next is to draw two hands and half gloves.


Step 6: In this step, we will complete the two hands of the minion by drawing more hands in the shape of a fist. Draw the lower body of the suit and draw more cloth in front of the minion's belly.

How to draw minions on paper


Step 7: Draw legs and shoes for minions, remember to draw more shoe soles to complete and erase excess details.

Step 8: Now, we just need to color according to this pattern to have a complete minion.

Tieu teh, that's it, the drawing is done, friends. Drawing minions is not too difficult, is it? Good luck!


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