What should I pay attention to when buying a 前列腺按摩器?


  前列腺按摩器requires a higher level of expertise than most adult products, because prostate tidal is hard to come by. Unlike an airplane cup, you can elevate with a light touch. Unlike a vibrator, women only need to push it. I can feel it, so. . Here are some things I think are important to remember: 1. Choose a brand that specializes in anal products or gay products. In fact, in the adult product industry, few brands specialize in anal sex products and homosexual products, because this type of product itself does not account for more than 5% of the adult product industry. Who would spend so much money in such a small market? For most brands, they do it themselves for men and women, but products like 前列腺按摩器and anal plugs are packaged because less than 5% are dispensable. How do we know if he is an anal sex expert? For example, when searching for prostate massage, check the brand name after selecting the product, and then search for the brand name in the treasure. If all there are vibrators, airplane cups, etc., it is not a company that specializes in producing anal products. If the search results are prostate massage, anal plug, anal products, etc., then he is a company that specializes in anal products! The size of No. 2 should not be too large. Generally, the recommended diameter should not exceed 2.5 cm. If you have had 前列腺按摩器in the hospital, friends should know that the doctor’s fingers are only 2 cm in diameter. Therefore, the massager recommends a smaller head. This is conducive to easy acquisition, and there will be no strong foreign body sensation when acquiring, and there is no need to worry about the pain being stretched. However, due to technical problems and internal motors, generally 2.2 and 2.3 are normal.

  ③Generally choose a massager with a tungsten steel vibration motor. If funds are abundant, why pay special attention to tungsten steel motors? Ordinary motors have no pendants, and the vibration transmission feels bad. However, the tungsten steel motor adds a tungsten steel pendant to the motor, which makes the generated power stronger and the penetrating power of the impact massage feels stronger. In contrast, tungsten steel motors are several times more expensive than ordinary motors. Therefore, tungsten steel motors are generally not used for 前列腺按摩器s under 150 yuan

  5. Choose a brand with professional guidance

  How to play 前列腺按摩器 without pre-high tutorial? If there is no tutorial, how good can this brand of massager be? Generally speaking, because the tutorial is a support service, it will only be given after the purchase confirmation has been received.

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