2 Methods to Connect iPhone to Printer

Would you like to know How to Connect Printer to Iphone 7/7 Plus/6s Plus/5s / SE to allow you to print images , documents and email from your iDevice? You can connect your iPhone directly to your Wi-Fi press and wirelessly print file files from your iOS printer if you have an AirPrint-supported printer, or you can use the printing app to connect to any other printer for printing info. Think about these two methods. Read more.

Method 1. How to Connect iPhone to Wireless Printer?

Method 2. How to Connect iPhone to Printer? 

Method 1. How to Connect iPhone to Wireless Printer?

Apple's AirPrint facilitates the wireless printing of documents from iPhone / iPad / iPod. You just have to build an iPhone with the new iOS update, a Wi-Fi network and an AirPrint-supporting printer to print files from iPhone wireless. In the Apple official website: https:/support.apple.com/en-us/HT201387, you can find more detail about AirPrint.com.


You can now follow the steps below to connect your iPhone to the wireless printer.

Step 1. Link to the same Wi-Fi network for your iPhone and your printer.

Step 2. Open the app on your iPhone that you want to print.

Step 3. The print button on your iPhone could then be identified. You should use the "Print" option first to tap the sharing icon for the app.

Note: You can search the User Guide or Help section for the app if you can not find the print option. Please be conscious that AirPrint supports not all applications on iPhone.

Step 4. Phase four. You can also pick an AirPrint compatible printer by pressing the "Pick Print" button.

Step 5. You can choose, for example, which page you can print out on your ipad, for the number of copies and other choices.

Step 6. You can then start printing the selected files, tap on the top right corner of the "Print" screen.

Method 2. How to Connect iPhone to Printer?

You can also use the printing app to connect your iPhone to any other print you have when you do not have an AirPrint-compatible printer or the device on your iPhone doesn't support AirPrint. The steps to connect your iPhone with the printer can now be followed.

Step 1. To commence the process, you may need to visit the App Store on your iPhone. You may link to a guide on How to connect iPhone to printer App Store.

Step 2. Find the "PrintCentral" app by typing the word in the top right corner of the search bar.

Step 3. The Printcentral app can be then uninstalled on the iPhone.

Step 4. You can then connect your iPhone to the USB cable device and run the MyPrint app on the PC by filling the browser bar server address.

Step 5. All available printers will be shown on your iPhone in PrintCental App. You can then start printing the document from your iPhone by choosing the configured printer.

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