Latest US position regarding blacklist is a violation of Doha Agreement

Pentagon officials have remarked that some cabinet members of the Islamic Emirate or family members of late Haqqani Sahib - may Allah be pleased with him - are on the US blacklists and still targets.

The Islamic Emirate considers this position a clear violation of the Doha Agreement which is neither in the interest of the United States nor Afghanistan.

The family of honorable Haqqani Sahib is part of Islamic Emirate and does not have a separate name or organizational setup. Similarly, in Doha Agreement all officials of the Islamic Emirate without any exception were part of interaction with the US and should have been removed from the UN and US blacklists, a demand which still remains valid.

That America and other countries are making such provocative statements and trying to meddle the internal affairs of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate condemns it in the strongest terms.
Such remarks by US officials are a repetition of past failed experiments and such positions detrimental for America.

We urge that these incorrect policies be immediately reversed through diplomatic interactions.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

02/02/1443 Hijri Lunar
18/06/1400 Hijri Solar
09/09/2021 Gregorian